Monday, 16 November 2015

DIY Christmas wreath

Hello everyone

Christmas is my favourite time of year , I have mentioned it many times. The atmosphere brings lots of joy and warmth! I think my little one also learning about it now. I love to do DIY decorations for every Christmas.This time I am not doing much ,I am so spoilt with choices in the stores here. But I have a planned a few easy things for this year and this is the first one.

 This is more of assembling a few things over a yarn wrapped styrofoam ring rather than making everything from scratch. All you need is some scrap yarn, styrofoam ring,a few ornaments  and a glue gun.
-Add a little glue at the back of ring and stick yarn there.
-Carefully wrap the yarn around the ring, this is where you spend time in the whole process.
-Cut the yarn when ring is fully covered and add a little glue at the end and keep it secure.
-With a glue gun carefully glue the ornaments onto the ring
I loved the wreath very much and totally glad that I made it. It looks very festive! This took less than 2 hours altogether in that around one hour was to wrap the yarn,
See you all later with my next finish.
Till then
take care

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Monday, 26 October 2015

For chilly days

The temperature is getting low, the winds blow hard, the days are short ooohh its chilly already! And to add on we are having cold-cough-fever and I have an airy voice. I ve managed to make a few scarves and shawl for us last week. I think I will be making more of it though I dont enjoy the blocking part much. 
The first one is a crochet ribbed scarf for my man. We have agreed on this colour and the pattern is easy and beautiful.I loved working with stylecraft dk and i think i will be buying more of it.  

The second one is a shawl which I started for myself, but the little fellow claimed it in between. I promised her that I'd make another for her,I felt this pattern not good for a 3 yr old girl  but she wasnt giving up.So I stopped at her size. This also in style craft special dk. 

I made a few more things but they are already on the blocking mat and this is the current WIP.

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Till next time
Take Care

Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Season s changing, colours are changing and its still beautiful! The lil miss started her nursery and there s a two hours me time for me. The weather is getting cold and I am thinking of some cold-crochet stuffs!
Saw these style craft yarns in a store on the trip made to the town we stayed some time back. Grabbed these colours , want to know whats special about this yarn, after hearing all ooh-aah-wows from everywhere.


Saturday, 18 July 2015

Summer of '15

I've become that busy lady again, but not much of crafts or crochet this time, I am busy enjoying summer here . haha! nothing like that, but I like to phrase it that way. My always high toddler makes me enjoy the beautiful weather here. 

This time I terribly miss Bangalore and my mind always go back there. But then I think, I came in the right time, beautiful weather , lovely places . I should enjoy this and we started exploring this small town. We - the little one n myself. 

I love walking and I used to walk a lot. After she was born, I put a lot of my favourite things to back seat and now she herself make me restart all those things. I have started walking, with her in the stroller.We go for evening walks regularly if its not raining, weekends we three of us go together. . 

We have covered almost all the parks nearby and its beautiful to walk in this lovely weather. I am glad she enjoys it as much as I do.In India we have hot summer throughout the year, sometimes not so bearable , so we are forced to sit inside. Here though the sun goes a little up ,it doesnt matter to us.

The flowers are in full blooms and lots of colours everywhere , its such a sight! Somedays we get company from our friends to make it merrier. My crochet obviously is in back seat now , where I can work only tht 1.5-2 hours when she sleeps. Though I ve made a big list of things for me myself , now my priority is for the business. Without a dedicated craft room/craft table its difficult, but I am managing it well I think though it takes a lot of time everyday to search n set up.

Thats how life goes here in this small world of ours. I hope everyone is having a good time. See you all next time
Take care

Friday, 26 June 2015

Creative space!

Its been a very busy week here . I was all in vacation jolly lazy mood till last week and at times a little low. The sudden change from the busy schedule, I was almost clueless. I think I am back on routine , the week was awesome and I am making most use of time. The little madam got some friends and I am relieved! 
 I finished the crochet part on my coastal Lapghan, now after one week i still got no time to block it. I used blues  and cream on the edging and its pretty!

I have never given proper edging on my blankets , I never bothered much about it. Now I changed my outlook, a proper edging on the blanket makes it more beautiful and gives definition to the whole thing.

 And this week its busy with making flowers and thinking about new designs . This is the work in progress which is mostly pinks and purples. I love making it and enjoy the whole process.

I am reading another book, but again night reads. Happy that I restarted another hobby of mine which took backseat in last few years.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Happy Monday

We're slowly settling down , somehow without Internet n' TV  life's too boring especially when you are isolated from dear n near. Luckily weather is nice and we get to go out whenever we want. Oh! Thats a blessing!!  

And  I opened my craft bag. yayyy!! and see the mess I made. The sight of these make me happy. I am thinking of some new designs for the store. The thinking and planning part is very difficult, fun part comes later when we execute it. I hope i can come with something new soon. Lil one is at home full day and I get 2 hours myself when she sleeps.So my craft time is kind of very less when compared to what it was in India where she had lots of friends and school.

But I made good progress with the lapghan , one more round of all colours and I can start with edging. I thought i could finish crochet part by today, but in between bitten by another bug :Reading . Usually I am a slow reader and takes book only at bed time, but if something very interesting comes I can read it at one go. And I loved the new book I started ' The Help ' and I took all the free time I got for reading it. The movie based on this book is also a favourite of mine. This is the second book I completed reading this year. I started many and stopped when i lost interest in it. Life's too short to read not so interesting books!

Thats it for today.
Catch you all soon.