Friday, 10 October 2014



Its always a happiness when you achieve something which you always think not-achievable,not-doable by you. I ve never thought myself in a place I am right now, never ever. I ve not mentioned it here that I have started a local business on my handmades and especially on hair accessories under the brand Tiara. Its my baby who has given me the direction towards it and in a very right way. I am happy n thrilled that I started it.

 And when her second birthday was approaching,(yes, 2nd!! how time flies!!) I wanted to make her something special.was a little clueless and several ideas were coming and was not zeroing on anything. Then I saw a flower crown in a shop, I almost fainted seeing the price! And as always I checked how its made( another problem of having a creative mind), i thought i'd give it a try. I had these flowers already, bought from the craft shop in my native just because of the prettiness,without any idea in mind.

Her dress I got it stitched and it looked a little plain , I thought i would embroider something on the sash, but as always dint get time for it , and then i remembered a friend saying about these kind of belts on girls dresses. I tried it immediately before my mind plans something else, and I was soooo happy how it turned out. 
 After the belt part was done , I knew what should be her hair accessory. Of course a Tiara. I used the same white n pink flowers combo n added silver buds in between. There is a pink sheer bow in the back. It was easier  than I thought. And its a beautiful piece showing your creative mind. My princess loved wearing it , when i was dressing her she asked me to put the Tiara on her head and was sad when I removed it. Yes, she tried to explore whats there, but still she was super happy!!Tell me your view on this.

 hows your craft life going? What are you working on? have anyone started with the Christmas crafts?I have joined a CAL on snowflakes, it was going smoothly when we started and now in hibernating.
I hope to write here soon. Till next time
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Friday, 8 August 2014

Ring basket pillow

Hello friends, 
Long time!! Im tired of writing all my excuses for not updating here. And I cannot give any promises. Today I really want to tell about this ring basket pillow I made for my bro;s betrothal . something special for me. I couldn't take any pics of it as all the finishing touches were made the day before the betrothal. 

 I wanted to make the ring basket and asked my Mom not to buy it. Then after some researches zeroed in doily basket. But I never knew this could give me sleepless nights.Had a few failures before getting into the final thing as u see in the picture. In the first attempt i made a doily with white and silver thread and starched it with a bowl inside wrapping with cling film(thts how I saw in one of the tutorial) somehow It dint hold the shape as I wanted to and the serious issue was removing the cling film from the basket. The film was attached to the doily and I had to tear it and it looked so bad after all the tearing and some bits n pieces of the film was on the doily basket itself. Still not sure if its the starch or the quality of cling film the reason for it. No need to mention it looked yuck!
 Dropped tht plan and the next one, I took a small cane oval shaped basket, stuffed inside and  covered with a white handwork net (leftover fabric of a dress) My idea was to put beads and woodrose flowers around. But after the stuffing it looked a little big for the ring basket and hiding the sides was also a problem..Another failure!. Then I took a candle holder glass and crocheted a jacket with gold thread with an nice edging, but it looked too small for the purpose.

 With only a week to the D-day, I decided to give another go on the doily basket. This time made a doily in rust gold thread and heavily starched with a small bowl cling film used this time. After a day it was not tht much stiff but yes, it was holdsing onto the shape.I brushed starch to the leaf part two more times and it was ready.
 I made a small cushion with an offwhite fabric with stuffing along with some pebbles for weight. It was then attached to the pillow sewing by hand. I tried to put stuffing directly and covering the top part with a fabric, not only the top part dint get a round shape but also the sides were looking really bad.

Then the embellishment time, I had these silver buds and thought of painting it with gold, but hey!! the gold paint went hiding, I searched in nearby shops and everywhere they stocked silver paint but not gold! Okay, no options left other than using what I had. I put some flowers and buds around and whatsapped to my friend Nima and Tintu and some whatsapp buddies. They were okay with it and Nima suggested to put pearls along with flowers. And I used the pearls around it to create a round shape to it. Used hot glue with glue gun to stick the buds and flowers to it.
 I put the satin lace after reaching my home and couldn't take a picture of the whole thing. The first picture is by the official photographer.

  Although the whole basket sounds simple, to get to the final thing I had to struggle a lot and I was so so totally happy with it. Everyone liked it too. I made a wedding ring pillow also, I couldn't take the pics of it . yet to get the pics.
The wedding functions went nice and good. And we are back here at our home and settled. hope to update this space often.
Take Care

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Head bands Mania!

Hello dears,
Good Day everyone! Like I said in the previous post, this year I am totally addicted to hair accessories, all my creativity goes there mostly n' I am loving it. These cute lil things are so much fun to make and I love when my cute lil model wears(?) it too..

Seeing the headbands in stores, I always think I can make it better and cheaply , the problem of having a creative mind. But it took a while to start off and no stopping afterwards. I bought some lace kinda elastic after a lot of search and just attach my flower/bow to it.  

I love the fact I can do these with my baby and very satisfying that it wont take long time to finish.  Have a look at some of it. I post all the pictures on my facebook page.

This big bow is one among my favourite,  Two plain pieces are joined together with lil filling inside.I love the drama/cuteness when she wears it ...

Three small flowers and pink buttons, All the buttons I saved for all those years finally found some use. 

Three lil flowers in different colours, I am making these in different colours. Some for friends and some I'm selling too

The plain crochet bow!

Flowers of different colours.
Now I ve started playing with ribbons too.. so much fun!!will show all that n some more in my next post.
Till then 
Take care

Thursday, 20 March 2014

In 2014

Just realised that its been almost four months since an update here from my side. Hows 2014 going for everyone? For me its just okay okay, not tht great, not tht bad too.Now that I learnt to count on my blessings more, days are going happily and easily.

About my crafty rides, I started this year with a doily from my new book "Pineapple Lace with Complete Diagrams" with much enthusiasm, but it was a tough ride all through,  after a certain stage the pattern went dead slow and I almost lost interest in working on it.. The only reason I took an effort completing the doily is I did not want the first project this year to go into WIP box.

The doily came out quite pretty and large after blocking. I decided to keep it myself  but gave to my Mom last time I went home. 

I wanted to sew curtains ever since I bought sewing machine. Somehow for certain things there s always a mind block.( like I simply cannot make a wearable. I really want to make dresses for my lil one , but its not happening!) And one fine day, when my baby was asleep, I suddenly decided to make curtains and it dint take too much time although there were hiccups in the start. I wanted and all-white thing, but there was not enough fabric and  later put the red polka fabric in between. its just the basic method , but I am happy when I see these in my drawing room. I really really hope I can overcome all my fear towards sewing gradually. 
This year I am totally into making head bands, at least till today, new ideas are pouring in and my google searches are also about these things mostly.  I started making one for my lil one for Christmas and later it became more of an addiction. I think I have to take count of the finished ones now,seriously!
Will post more about my hair accessories in next post. I really do not want to leave this space unattended, will come back soon. 
Till next time
Take care

Friday, 29 November 2013

Snowflake bed runner and Cushions

I don't remember the last time i did some sewing other than hemming the edges. I avoided reaching towards the sewing machine with the baby and slowly there came a serious sewing-phobia. I wanted to do some, but the sight of the machine-ruler-cutter, the fear arises and i slowly change my plans and happily go to other room with my hook and thread. yes, there was some phobia.

Seeing beautiful projects around, i wanted to overcome my fear towards it and then Nima posted this tutorial for an easy runner. Luckily she made the runner with this beautiful snowflake printed fabric i gifted and i have the same with me too, otherwise i would have wasted another month searching for the right fabric and eventually dropping the whole plan. yeah that happens quite often for me :P

So I decided to the runner, started to cut the fabric, the baby woke up, put it there for some more days and finally done with the sewing after scrolling up n down the tutorial umpteen times.(Nima was asking me whether her tutorial was difficult when i said this, No Nima, its my difficulty I'm overcoming.) I cannot tell the happiness when i was done with it. Thanks that technology is so advanced that we can share the pics on a click so that i could share my happiness.

After a few days again an idea blinked , to put this as bed runner for the plain biscuit coloured bed sheet for our guest bed room. I bought this bed sheet thinking of an off-white colour but after coming back home i realised it was not the one i wanted. Sitting in the cup board for more than a year now, it also now put to use.

So i made another runner, that was done very fast and then later that evening i did the cushions.The cushions is not the perfect finish, but not entirely a flop one also.. Its two pieces joined together with zip at one end. The lil one was with me on my lap when i was finishing these with good concentration.. She still says "haaaaiiii" on the sight of these beauties. What more could I ask for???

And i took some extra time for the pics for an extra dose of happiness, and very pleased to see these beauties in a different way.

So if you want to sew an easy runner with mitered corners, please check this tutorial, this is one of the best picture tutorial that came across my path. And she has a neat tutorial for reverisble runner too if you want. Check it out.

See you soon
Take care

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Christmas Garden Doily.

 hello everyone,
How you all doing? started preps to welcome baby Jesus? We have and its going in a slow pace. This year I'm focusing more on our own home decor than gifting.I realised the fact that our home doesn't have much of my handmades and made up my mind to make for our home first and then gifting. I really really hope I get time for everything.
And this is my second doily for the season, my festive Christmas garden, a beautiful pattern and a beautiful doily, yes, I am saying it myself.. I love the outcome..
I still remember the beautiful doily made by a friend on the Ravelry meet and how I loaded questions to her about the pattern. A few days later she had to sent me a mail asking for my address that she had an extra copy of the book. Happy me!  After getting the book i attempted this pattern a few times, but it was not getting right.
I left it then n there and dint ask anyone about it until recently i saw the doily on Nima's page. She was also going through the same mistake. The overconfident me dint notice the ' fasten off' in between the rounds.

After she pointed out the mistake i decided to make it in red and green and was waiting for the right time to start off. Once i started it was growing beautifully and big.I was a lil doubtful that it would be too much of red, that it grew larger than i expected it to be. But the green edging made it look pretty i think.
Anyway I am really happy with this attempt and totally loved this doily.Such a beautiful pattern and moves really fast. I was playing with my camera after a long time and loved how pictures came out.. still a lot more, but there is a limit of showing off!! right??

Project Details.
Pattern : Pineapple Garden from the book Pineapple Doilies by Leisure Arts.
Hook: 1.5mm steel hook
Thread: Anchor Mercerised Crochet cotton size 20.
Size:  26 x 14.5 inches

Until next time
Have fun and Take care