Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Doily love

I love doilies, i love making them , for me its not that old fashioned. I find a way to display them.  When my crafty friends asked for a doily along I dint even think and just jumped in. But then I couldnt stop at one. The first I made was pookalam doily and then i took that along a little seriously.

I had a few Red heart size 10 thread in my stash. When I saw the cluster stitch doily on Threadies Facebook group, i quickly downloaded the pattern and started doing it.I find this pattern an easy one if you like clusters and it grow really fast and large. The doily is very beautiful and huge.

Usually I lightly starch my doilies while blocking it, for this one I just dip it water and pinned to shape. Its still holds the shape nicely. And I couldnt stop it there , i started the second one again in Red heart size 10 in the colour Lavender. My friend Nima  gifted me this thread some years back. I wanted to do a skirt for little H with this , I know thats not going to happen any time soon, so I made a beautiful doily with this.
This is from the Ondori book Pineapple Lace, Oh!! I love this book of doilies, the pictures and pattern in this book are awesome!
The design is pretty and this doily also is quite big and now I am making my third doily which is the large pineapple doily, i think that takes quite some time as I am doing one row a day. but who knows!!
I am stash busting and so happy with my efforts so far, there are a few finishes to come in  this space.
Till next time 
Take care 

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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Happy Onam

Hey all,
 Happy Onam to all malayalees !!
 Today we Keralites celebrate Onam , our biggest festival in Kerala. Growing up I have so many good memories of this festival which all starts after our term exams in school finishes. Cousins, games, swing, sadya and the best part - making pookalam. My mom never allowed to pluck flowers from her garden except for Onam (that too she had reservations). We make a small pookalam with flowers and leaves, there will be sadya which we eat on banana leaf sitting on floor. This Onam , as Im on rest with my sprained leg , there wont be much celebration.

 I made this doily inspired by the pookalam we make during Onam. Thats the favourite thing of mine for this festival, I loved making this one. This is an easy and small pattern. I am in love with these colours now.

Project Details:
Pattern: Winter's breath Doily
Yarn : Anchor Mercerised Cotton size 20
Hook: 1.5mm steel hook
Size :9" 

So wishing everyone a very happy and fun Onam, enjoy!!
till next time
Take Care

Monday, 12 September 2016

Reversible Spike Cushion

Hello everyone,
Summer is getting over and it was really awesome! We really had good time this year. The little miss's nursery re-started last week. This summer I did not do as much crochet as I wanted to, but no regrets! I enjoyed time with friends and family.  it was good!! And I realised I wasnt socialising much and how much fun it is when you do. 
 I finished the spring blanket sometime in July itself, but I am yet to find a good photograph to show its actual beauty.After finishing that I did not touch my hook for more than 2-3 weeks and this cushion cover was the project where I restarted. 

I had that inertia and was talking to Nima about it, she was on a cushion making spree and we discussed a few patterns, I tried basket weave stitch with her, but it was not coming well for me. Then she suggested this one. I love this pattern, its easy and I tried with colours from my stash. I am on yarn/craft diet,so far a good girl and not spent a single penny for last 3 months. Its difficult actually!!

The colours are really bright for my liking , Im happy I dint go and buy more for that reason. I love making pillows, I will be making more of it. Im yet to start my colour themed home decor.

Project Details:
Pattern: Reversible Spike Cushion Cover
Yarn : Anchor Knitting Cotton
Hook: 3mm
Size :13" x 13"

Meanwhile, I have restarted my etsy page for hair accessories.

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So catch you later with another beautiful update from here. Happy Monday and wish you all a wonderful week!
Take care

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Summer Wall Decor

I love decorating home, I love the thinking process, execution and it gives me pleasure. (I dont say my home is clean, neat and decorated always but I try to keep it tidy as possible) Now my colour pallette has all bright colours ,It changes time to time.

Another thing I love is changing decor according to seasons/occassion/festivals. I dont like to see same things over and over.

So for this summer I created these for one wall. The process was simple but I love the outcome totally. The flowers on canvas are leftovers from Primavera blanket.

This Mandala is going rounds on instagram and I wanted to do this.The pattern is beautiful ,I love it. I chose colours matching to the canvas  and used Stylecraft Special DK.

Project Details:
Pattern: Magnolia Mandala
Yarn:Stylecraft Special DK
Size :9.5" 

Thats all for today
Until next time

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

June '16

Half year gone in a blink! My last post here was before Easter , never thought i take a three months break from here coz of active craft side of life. In between little Miss and myself went for a one month vacation to Kerala,India. 

The Spring blanket which I wanted to finish before Easter is extending the deadline. The current update of that is I joined all squares , have to weave in the ends and do border now. The process is boring now, but I'm loving the look.

With some leftover flowers I made these wall decor. Im planning to do two Mandalas and replace those hats of little Miss. I glued flowers onto the painted canvas, as easy as it can be!

Then these mulberry flower balls which was afternoon activity. Again these flowers are glued onto Styrofoam balls. 
I have a few more things to show, which I will save for next post. 
Take care

Friday, 4 March 2016

Spring Blanket -in the making

hello everyone!
How you been? Its already March and I just cant think its two months down already this year. There are some signs of spring here and day is getting brighter and beautiful.It really brightens up the mood too. So I started a new project which is a blanket on spring theme!
  when the little one photobombed when I was taking pictures, but it came out beautifully!

I have mentioned in one of my previous posts about my to-do things on themes/colours, this is one among it. I always wanted an off-white based blanket. hmm..i know its not meant for Indian households.  Maybe it rests mostly on cupboard or even if it sees light I might scream" dont touch, it gets dirty" I am still not sure if I use it or it will be a showpiece. But i decided to give it a go!Dreams are meant to happen ;)

 I am very excited and work on it daily. I am not at the super healthy mode right now,I am tired physically and  i think I have to sit idle and take rest. FYI I never sit idle at my home, I will be working on some or other thing always. If i sit for a movie or tv  at home there will be crochet in my hand. I dont like to sit idle, i hate it, its boring, it makes me lonely! So the progress is a little slow this week , but I aim to finish this before Easter!

So how do you like the squares? The pattern is Primavera flowers from Dada's place. I love her blog and her creations. Hop over to her blog if you haven't, I am sure you will like it too.. So until next time

On a seperate note, Thanks to all lovely people who visited my blog recently and made an effort to put your comment.I love reading it even if its just a word. I linked two of my posts on Linda's Stash buster Link party and those two were among popular posts. yay!! thanks sweethearts!

Take Care

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