Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Merry Chirstmas!!

Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas!!!

I am travelling to my native place today and will be back after New Year. So wishing you all a very happy Christmas and wonderful New Year too. May the splendor of this season remind you of Him who is worthy of all our praise!!!

Happy holidays!!

Take care


Monday, 14 December 2009

From my collection..

After two weeks of silence,here I am(though being silent for long time is not new to my blog). I ve no new finishes to show you. Things were not going good here. I was down with fever and after that my eyes were creating some trouble while stitching,so I gave myself rest for sometime. Now everything s fine, but not into any stitching yet. Getting ready to go to my parents place in Kerala, we are celebrating Christmas there. All excited !!!Hope everyone is busy with Christmas preperations, I can see that in all blogs..I love this season, my favourite..

OK, this time I am showing you crochet table cloths,from my collections. I love shopping and I love spending lot of time in home stores. OK, here is my crochet table cloth for my dining table.I found this one in a store here in Bangalore for a very reasonable price..

The side of it. I love this,its grand and beautiful.
Again another small one , this one I bought last year York, UK ,we were staying there that time.

The centre part, I love crochet and want to do something like this myself, but I find it very difficult. :( especially these large ones.
That's it this time from me.
Till next time
Take care

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Embroidered Bed Linen-Completed

And thats done!! I bought threads yesterday and embroidery is now complete. For the sheet, flowers are embroidered from one end to another, like a chain.And for the pillows one flower in the center.Here's the pic.

another close up pic..
And I can put the bed sheet other way too..
Now I need to start another project. Sometimes I just cant believe myself , that I'm doing all these things. Even my friends are wondering when they see my blog. I vent told many of my friends that I ve a blog, a few know abt it.But they also usually "dont" check it.But the other day a friend called me that she just checked my blog and was very surprised to see my "creative" side LOL!! ah yes,sometimes even I'm surprised!!
Till next time
Have a great day!!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Embroidered Strawberries

Its been three weeks since I blogged,no special reasons..I had enough time, but did not want to sit in front of PC and nothing to show you as well.My bedlinen is about to complete,but I dont have enough thread with me right now. Need to buy some inroder to finish it..poor planning huh? :(

The most I enjoyed these days was being in kitchen trying different things. Though I am not very passionate about cooking, I love experimenting.After some success and flops in cooking, today back to embroidery.
I was thinking of making some Kitchen mats since longtime. Today morning,I just checked some designs in my collection and decided to go on with this simple strawberry design. It was simple and an easy job all the way except the finishing. I dont have a sewing machine and to stitch the edges by hand was really tough.So here goes my latest finish..

The design is traced on two sides of the mat and is embroidered with back stitch and satin stitch.

Was really a quick finish..I wish I had a sewing machine !!!

So thats all for the day..
Till next time
Take care

Monday, 26 October 2009

Bed Linen-Progress

A quick update on the progress on my WIP. I have completed six flowers in the row, 7 more to go. I like the lavender flowers on yellow background.. Its giving a calm and peaceful look. Dont you think so? This week I dont think I get time to sit and embroider, so hopefully somewhere in November I will be able to finish this project..

So till next time
Take care

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Small Creations

Hi Everyone,
As told in my previous post, I started working on a bed linen, but the progress is very very slow because of back pain which made me to stop working on it for some days. May be this week I resume that. So here I am coming up with some small creations which I did sometime back but did not blog yet..

A coaster which I did recently.Actually my plan was to make a doily, but while watching its progress I decided better to keep it as a small coaster rather wasting thread and time. LOL!!!

Another coaster done with crochet..This one was done long time back while learning crochet.

And my glass painted pots..I bought 3 plain pots and glass painted it with yellow,red and green.I painted the pot inside by pouring paint into it and rotating the pot. I'm glad with the outcome.

Thats all for now. Hope you enjoyed the visit!!Until next time..
Take care..

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Tatted Bookmark

Yesterday while browsing I found a cute and simple pattern for a bookmark. I was planning to make some bookmarks for a long time, so I thought I'd make one with this pattern. Blue is my favourite colour, so I used light and darker shades of it in size 40 crochet thread.I made a slight variation to the original pattern, but not of much difference.

I'm very happy with the outcome.I love it..
Till next time
Take care and have a nice day!1

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Show Off!!

Here I come up with some Long Stitch which were done some years ago. I really enjoyed doing these,then. These were made up from Anchor Long Stitch Kits. All framed!! Just showing it off as I dont have any new finishes now...
A cute Teddy bear,this one is a small design as compared to the other below.

The beautiful Red house design was the first one finished,that was in 2003. The photo is not clear, but It was really an accomplishment for me when completed this.

And here 's the last one framed.

I've two kits in my hand which were gifted by a friend. Sometime before I started with one of it. And this is its current state .I dont know when I 'm going to re start it. Currently its an 'Unfinished Object'.

Hope everyone having a good time.
Till Next time,

Monday, 5 October 2009

New Project

Hmm.. Long Time.. 'cos of holidays here.. Was totally busy with family, friends, trips ..It was fun and had a great time..Now back again to normal life.. :D
I started a new project yesterday.Its embroidery on a bed linen. I have got a nice yellow sheet and 2 pillow covers. I chose a very simple flower pattern eventhough I wanted a large intricate design.(I dont wan it to be a five year plan :D) I traced the pattern on to the fabric and started embroidery on the pillow covers. The colors I've chosen are lilac and green.

Chain stitch is used almost exclusively.French knots in the centre of the flower.Light and dark shades are used for flower. For the bed linen, I repeated this motif from one end to another edge of the sheet.For pillow, its on the centre of the pillow.

Till next time.. take care..

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

This and That

After the completion of my Last Project, I vent started stitching too much.Just giving rest for my eyes. But I've Some small finishes to show you. Some edgings for hankies. A green scallop edged one in crochet, a pink tatted one and a black edged one.

I ve embroidered the monogram- T on the green one. This one is for my sister.
And some embroidery on the hankies which I showed you before. An embroidered red heart, these pattern is from needlecrafter.

And an yellow bird on a small branch.
Thats all for now. Till next time
Take care

Friday, 4 September 2009

The Last Supper

Atlast Its finished..a long waited one... for more than a month I was trying to finish it up.And now its over.So what was I working on??
Here it is..

The Last Supper by Da Vinci.. a colourful version LOL. This is an Anchor pattern which I bought from a Local Store in my native town ..its done in half cross stitch with 26 colors,whole 6 strands used.How many skeins?? I dint count..lots n lots..:)

Some close up pics.
I wanted to finish it off by Aug 31st. But some floss shortage came in between and I finished it today only..but not too far from target.

The background area, the table and floor really took my time off as I felt that boring..same color repeating in a wider space and same stitch too..I am very very happy that I completed it..

I was quite determined that I put the picture only after its completion.. I don't know the reason why??..
Its so large and took so many long hours of mine..but satisfied and I feel worth..another big project again?? hmmm..I dont know.. not anytime soon.. :)
Till next time..
Take care

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Treasures from Nima

Yesterday I recieved some wonderful gifts from Nima.I was one of the
three winners of her giveaway..And this is my first Giveaway win.. Lucky me.. :)

See what she sent to me..
A beautiful pouch with a crochet flower embelishment.

So whats inside the pouch??

Wow..Two deep red crocheted coasters.. I really love its color.

And this beautiful scissor fob..

I am soo happy winning this..I am a person who loves recieving gifts as well as giving..And when the gifts are made your own it adds more pleasure..Nima, these are really some treasures that I will cherish forever..Thanks a lot.. You made my day!!!