Friday, 4 September 2009

The Last Supper

Atlast Its finished..a long waited one... for more than a month I was trying to finish it up.And now its over.So what was I working on??
Here it is..

The Last Supper by Da Vinci.. a colourful version LOL. This is an Anchor pattern which I bought from a Local Store in my native town ..its done in half cross stitch with 26 colors,whole 6 strands used.How many skeins?? I dint count..lots n lots..:)

Some close up pics.
I wanted to finish it off by Aug 31st. But some floss shortage came in between and I finished it today only..but not too far from target.

The background area, the table and floor really took my time off as I felt that boring..same color repeating in a wider space and same stitch too..I am very very happy that I completed it..

I was quite determined that I put the picture only after its completion.. I don't know the reason why??..
Its so large and took so many long hours of mine..but satisfied and I feel worth..another big project again?? hmmm..I dont know.. not anytime soon.. :)
Till next time..
Take care


  1. wow...awesome work......worth your time and effort

  2. You deserve a metal for that one. I looked at it in the local needleart center, and as much as I loved it, decided I just wasn't up to doing one that would take me the rest of my life.
    I did do one of Jesus praying in the garden in needlepoint and it took me forever to do that one.
    At 73 I decided not to start any more long term projects.
    You now have an heirloom there, it turned out so beautiful!

  3. oh,wow!! this one does need patience..but beautiful finish :)

  4. Thanks Nima,Barbara and Deepa for ur beautiful comments..
    Barbara, yes now I can pass it to the future generations :)

  5. Ninu, I did the same thing, am glad to have found someone of very same taste! I remember I used 75 skeins, and the threads cost me more than the mat! Check


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