Monday, 5 October 2009

New Project

Hmm.. Long Time.. 'cos of holidays here.. Was totally busy with family, friends, trips ..It was fun and had a great time..Now back again to normal life.. :D
I started a new project yesterday.Its embroidery on a bed linen. I have got a nice yellow sheet and 2 pillow covers. I chose a very simple flower pattern eventhough I wanted a large intricate design.(I dont wan it to be a five year plan :D) I traced the pattern on to the fabric and started embroidery on the pillow covers. The colors I've chosen are lilac and green.

Chain stitch is used almost exclusively.French knots in the centre of the flower.Light and dark shades are used for flower. For the bed linen, I repeated this motif from one end to another edge of the sheet.For pillow, its on the centre of the pillow.

Till next time.. take care..


  1. Oh...that looks very pretty and delicate....i want to touch and

  2. Hey Ninu... it looks really good... simple design but I know it needs a lot of patience to make it this perfect... looking forward to see more from you.. All the best.

  3. Thanks Nima, u want to touch and see? come to my home on your next visit to kerala..

    Thanks Anju,yeah it needs lot of patience..


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