Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Small Creations

Hi Everyone,
As told in my previous post, I started working on a bed linen, but the progress is very very slow because of back pain which made me to stop working on it for some days. May be this week I resume that. So here I am coming up with some small creations which I did sometime back but did not blog yet..

A coaster which I did recently.Actually my plan was to make a doily, but while watching its progress I decided better to keep it as a small coaster rather wasting thread and time. LOL!!!

Another coaster done with crochet..This one was done long time back while learning crochet.

And my glass painted pots..I bought 3 plain pots and glass painted it with yellow,red and green.I painted the pot inside by pouring paint into it and rotating the pot. I'm glad with the outcome.

Thats all for now. Hope you enjoyed the visit!!Until next time..
Take care..

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