Thursday, 26 November 2009

Embroidered Bed Linen-Completed

And thats done!! I bought threads yesterday and embroidery is now complete. For the sheet, flowers are embroidered from one end to another, like a chain.And for the pillows one flower in the center.Here's the pic.

another close up pic..
And I can put the bed sheet other way too..
Now I need to start another project. Sometimes I just cant believe myself , that I'm doing all these things. Even my friends are wondering when they see my blog. I vent told many of my friends that I ve a blog, a few know abt it.But they also usually "dont" check it.But the other day a friend called me that she just checked my blog and was very surprised to see my "creative" side LOL!! ah yes,sometimes even I'm surprised!!
Till next time
Have a great day!!


  1. Hello Ninu,
    ur bed linens are superb..I liked the subtle colours and your finishing is much appreciable..
    wish u come up with more works n surprise ur frenz..:)

  2. wow...that looks awesome are inspiring me to do something like this....

  3. Hello Ninu,

    Wow, your bed linen is lovely...


  4. Thank you lakshmi,Nima and Anu for ur valuable comments.

  5. Lovely work,Ninu. So soothing to the eyes. Now you can sleep in peace ;)

  6. Wow! the bed linen is lovely. U have done a good job nins. I used to do these during PUC days. not finding time now :(

    Im coming to learn Doily . Beware! :)))

  7. Hi,I am Uma,the work is very nice,the colours r too cool...........

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