Thursday, 11 February 2010

Crochet Doily

This year, one of my crafty resolutions was to learn crochet. Though I know how to make some edgings n' all, I am not good with this techinique. Whenever I tried some bigger patterns, it never worked. Most of the time the whole thing would get crumbled up.
This week, I got a pic from my friend, Sunitha , which was a Doily which she made.She was brushing up the skills and I was asking her to send a pic. She only taught me all these techinques, while in college. Here's the pic of her Doily in pretty peach colour.

I was really motivated by this and wanted to give a try. Without much hope I took hook and thread and was experimenting my own,after sometime I realised my skills were getting better. Then I tried to make a Doily,the pattern which I saved in my system long long back. And it came pretty ok,Dont know how. For a perfect finish, I still have a long way to go. But on one glance its just too good. Here's the pic of my latest finish.

Doilies are something I love to make. The one thing still I dont know is where I went wrong all these times, as I did not try out any new techinques this time too..But,I am happy with the progress. Thanks to Sunitha.

Till next time,
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  1. Great effort,Ninu. I could never be so patient. Crocheting with that thread takes so much time.I prefer crocheting with wool.

  2. wow...that looks perfect Ninu.
    did you block it...

    If you still have doubts in crochet, check for teresas's crochet videos... this is her blog...i learned to crochet with the help of her videos...very helpful..

    doilies are my favorite too...they are quick finishes compared to cross stitch...looking forward to see more doilies....

  3. thanks deepa and nima..

    nima, no i vent blocked it.. yeah i ve gone thru teresa' blog, its really helpful..

  4. its looking pretty good to me. I was going to say blocking too, but i see Nima already told you that :) looking forward to more of your crochet finishes.

  5. that beautiful doily represents a LOT of work, doesn't it? very nice!!


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