Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Oval Tatted Doily

I'm back to tatting. The latest finish is an Oval Tatted Doily with lots of rings and chains and flower border. The flower edging took some time, but that's the prettiest part, i feel. I used pink and green for a flowery look, spring is here..and I am in that mood..
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  1. Ninu, that looks lovely...i'm still at the back bench for tatting

  2. Ohh Ninu..great work...
    So nice to see..colour combination too..keep it up

  3. It is just Beautiful. Love the colors and it does look like a bed of flowers.

  4. Ninu, the oval doily is beautiful. How long did it take to finish it? I'm sort of afraid to try something that large because it would be a shame not to finish it.

  5. I've done that very same doily but only in plain white. It is so much prettier in pink and green! Very nice job.

    Jane S.

  6. thanks to all for those lovely comments..
    tatteristic, I am a slow tatter, it took 4 days to finish this..
    jane, i'd love to see ur finish

  7. hi
    this is sooo pretty and i liked ur profile pic. very apt:-)

  8. Wow, Ninu! This turned out so pretty. I'd love to learn how to do tatting, but it looks so hard and time consuming. Maybe someday I'll give it a try.

    I really love this pretty doily. You did a wonderful job.
    Patricia :o)

  9. beautiful doily. i live in bangalore.would you please tell me the thread used and what to ask to the shopkeeper..coz i tried explaining to them but in vain since i read in one of your post that your mom has sent some threads..


  10. Congrats Ninu you won my giveaway!
    Please email me your mailing address.

  11. What a beautiful doily!
    You really did a good job on it. Great colours!

    Where does the pattern come from?

  12. thank you all!!
    Anke, the pattern is from Anchor Needle n Thread Magazine

  13. ... and thank you for following my blog! :-)

  14. Oh, WOW! This is so very pretty pretty! I really love the colors!

    Ninu, thank you so much for coming over to celebrate my blogoversary with me! Best of luck to you!
    ~TattingChic ♥

  15. Hey Nins, Thatz such a lovely tatted doily. Colour combination is superb! u r becoming an expert.


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