Friday, 7 May 2010

Hat Pincushion

Hello all,
 I'm back after my vacation. We came back in Bangalore on Sunday evening. Vacation was not so great as last one, but good.
 Before I left for Kerala, Nima asked me to test her hat pincushion pattern. When I saw those pincushions on her blog, I asked her to share the pattern. And she asked me to test it. I dont consider myself good in crochet, and never worked with yarn. Luckily there was one ball of white in my stash which was in rest mode for more than a year. And I started working on it without any hope.Her pattern was well written and it came out quite well, though smaller in size than I expected. But seeing the cute little hat made me very happy.
  And I compared with the pics on Nima's blog. They don't look like twins, but can be called cousins :P
 Here's my gorgeous Hat pin cushion. I embellished it with an yellow ribbon.

One thing I noticed that my stitches are too tight and that's one area of improvement. This surely gave me some confidence and I wanted to buy some yarn during my vacation. Usually I buy most of my craft materials when I go Kerala, but this time I dint get time to shop :(
Nima's a very talented lady and what I love the most in her crafty finishes is her perfection. Her pattern is well written that anybody can follow it easily. She will soon share the pattern.
I haven't started any projects after vacation. just gearing up!!
So till next time
Take care and Happy Weekend!!