Friday, 11 June 2010

Cross Stitch Table Runner

I ven't started any new stitching after my holidays.Things were not well around and that did affect me. I dint feel like doing anything, not even blogging. Everybody says you will be stronger at heart as years pass by. But in my case thats exactly opposite. Now all the silly things around me make me upset..argh!!I hate that...Now I am almost relieved and trying to bring everything back in right place.Prayer,a few friends and my hubby really helped me to get through.I feel light at heart now.:D

And here I am showing off my cross stitch table runner in a completed stage. I did this some weeks ago.An yellow fabric is attached as the border and backing of the table runner.

It looks great!!I love it..I am in a planning stage of a new stitchy project. will blog about it in the next post.

Till then
Take care
Happy Weekend


  1. Hope all is well with you now Ninu. The cross stitch work on the runner looks beautiful!!

  2. Great that you're feeling better.Its really difficult to satisfy all and one shouldn't try too. But at times,we hear the 'comments' so many times that somehow we want to put an end to it.
    Take care,

  3. wow...gorgeous table runner...

    needle craft is a therapy to unwind myself...

    i hope and pray you can overcome all the hurdles...

  4. Its been a long time since I visited your blog.The cross stitch looks sober and your table runner looks great.

  5. ninu...ur hand embroideries are just amazing...I didnt do much cross stitch work..urs are simple and elegant....well done dear...


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