Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Crocheted Doilies

Hello all,
Long time!! I was in Kerala most of the time in May too.Came back in Bangalore last week and was down with fever. :( Now almost relieved. I did not start any new crafty projects, but to keep me occupied during the free time and train journeys I crocheted some doilies. All of them have pineapples in it and was not a deliberate attempt.
A bright Red Doily done with Size 20 Anchor Crochet Thread.

Another one with Yellow and White combination.My idea was to make an yellow doily, but fell short of thread and so I took white thread and continued and I totally love this one.

Next comes a peach doily, the pattern is same as the above, I added some more rounds here.

That's all for this post. Will come up with some more crafty finishes in my next one. till then
Take care
Have a nice day!!


  1. Lovely doilies!!My personal fav is the yellow and white one..

  2. wow...lovely doilies...i lvoe the yellow and white combo

  3. Hmm! lots of crochet and all are great.Though I dont know I can surely appreciate this.Good Job Ninu


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