Thursday, 24 June 2010

My Creative Space

I am joining in Kootoyoo’s My Creative Space.
This week I stitched up a cute bunny pattern from doe c doe. Embroidery is complete, finishing part as always is pending. Actually I don't know what I am going to make with this.I love the pattern and stitched it up :). Pattern is here
And in between, I crocheted some small crochet flowers. I have some leftover thread in multiple colours which wont be enough for even a small doily. So I'm making these cuties out of it.
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Take care


  1. Ninu the moment i saw ur crochet works i fell in love with thm..very cute..check u r mail pls

  2. I love those little flowers. What will you do with them?

  3. Oh that little bunny is cute.
    I really want to give embroidery a go, but not sure exactly what you do.

  4. The flowers are tooo cute...and the bunny as well..

  5. little bunny...perfect for some baby finishes..

    i love this little crochet flowers too

  6. Hi,
    I saw your blog and all your crochet works are great. Especially these small flowers.
    I know the very basic of crochet( the chain stitch) but whenever I try to do something it becomes very wobbly and shapeless.
    I also stay in bangalore.Could you pls help me with some class or some link to start crocheting.


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