Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Crochet Hair Band

The hair band I was trying to make is complete now.Finishing the project is always a difficult thing for me. This time too.. I made the crochet lace and attached an elastic band at the end of it and wrapped the elastic with satin ribbon. I wanted to cover the elastic part with cloth as you see in other hair bands, but there was no matching material in my stash. I am not so happy with the finishing,but its okay, I am keeping this for myself. My hair conceals the satin lace part when I use this.So that's fine!!

The crochet lace pattern is from Crochetroo's Fan bookmark. I used Anchor size 20 crochet cotton in this lovely colour(don't know the number exactly).
That's all for the day
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  1. Ninu, that was a great trial...you should have taken a picture of it on your head...

    next time, make a tube out othe fabric, so that you can hide the stitching..

    it's really a good idea for gifting...i need to try it...thank you for sharing this idea.

  2. Agree with the finishing part,but still it looks fabulous!!!

  3. Precise work ! My daughter loves hairbands.Iam going to try this pattern its very unique.

    I love to invite you to visit my blog.I appreciate your valuable comments!


  4. Hi Ninu,
    perhaps you can make a trip to Sriramapuram ( the bus stop is called Sujatha) - it's a place near Majestic.
    I got beautiful elastic strips in different colours that looked like satin ribbons for 5 rupees a metre.

    Also love the beautiful things you have made. Wish i had a teacher like you :)I'm now crocheting a laptop sleeve and it's in candy pink.


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