Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Pillow embroidery

Yesterday was Bharat Bandh by NDA, a protest against fuel price hike. Usually in Bangalore, Bandhs are not affected very much, but this time most people stayed indoors.My hubby went to office, their company is one among very few IT companies in Bangalore who worked yesterday!!So my day went as usual!!
I did some embroidery on a pillow case which showed up while I was cleaning my cup boards.Its in very pale pink colour and I embroidered this basket and flowers on it. I saved this pattern long time before and got this from Hoop love.

I used a pink and white double shaded thread here and some flowers came in white which was not clear on this pillow case.Wrong choice of thread!! To make it visible I gave a straight stitch with pink in between lazy daisy.In this pic that's not clear, in real white flowers has got a pink tint.:D When embroidering flowers , I have an affinity towards pink especially when I stitch lazy daisy.Every time, I decide to embroider with some other colour, but usually ends up with some shades of pink.No issues as long as it adds beauty!!
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take care


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