Thursday, 5 August 2010

Crochet Vase Cover

When this year started,I took a crafty resolution to learn crochet.I really tried my best to learn this and almost half way through. Now I got a feeling that Am I becoming a lil addictive to it? I don't know..I made a vase cover this week and it looks beautiful!!Started with a lavender color, when it came closer to finishing, I found the thread not enough.So changed color there to a sapphire green color and finished it off.A matching sheer ribbon is attached to it.The edging was out of sight when I put flowers in.
A snap of vase without flowers.This pattern is also from freepatterns with name 'Pineapple Ruffles'.Anyway,I am giving crochet some rest, I dont have enough threads in my stash. I never thought I'd be in a situation like this, that I want to do something and not enough thread.Have to pull out all those UFO's on embroidery and need to start finishing that off and I have a glass painting and cross stitch in progress too. Don't know when I can finish that off. This is a very busy month.
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  1. looks awesome...Lovely green edging...put some potpouri in flowers will not hide the

  2. It looks very pretty!!Love the colour you have used. I love crocheted pineapples. This has been added to my queue:)..Thanks for the link..

  3. Wow! That is lovely.i was just checking ur site when i saw the pic in FB. This is a nice try!

  4. thank you all,
    nima, yeah me too wa thinking of potpourri..
    soj,the pic i posted on fb is an edited version!!

  5. This is beautiful.. Do u have any links to learn crochet? I love crafting and want to try. I like all your works. Very pretty. Do take a look at my works at

  6. Your works are all good,I know little bit of crochet but you are great

  7. woww!! Ninu,its so beautiful.all ur works are superb!!


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