Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Flower Hair Clips

Hello all,
Many people asked me what did I do with those crochet flowers. Well,I sent some to Lakshmi on her request.I'm waiting to see what she's going to make with them. I had a few left and first thing came to my mind was hair clips for my dear niece.I bought some hair clips and glued these flowers onto them.

I saw picture of similar hair clips made by my friend for her niece on FB.That was long time back. Me and my SIL liked it very much but our cute lil girl dint have that much hair to flaunt with it..In fact she was a 'motta'(bald).I was waiting for her hair to grow and and now I think she has enough hair to hold these clips!!:D I so wish!!Anyway,My brother and SIL very well appreciates my gifts for them especially for their lil girl!and that's the happiest thing!!They are visiting us next week.

That's all news for now.
Till next time
Take Care


  1. wow...that's too cute Ninu..lovely idea...I'm sure you will come up with more cutie ideas for your little niece.

  2. clipa are very cute Ninu..I have not yet started working with crochet flowers..have to complete saree first..

  3. Clips are really nice. My favs r the red ones :)

  4. Thank you all!! I very much appreciate your lovely comments

  5. so so cute! Love them.Lucky Niece to have such a creative Aunt :)

  6. Oi, adoro teu blog , tudo muito lindo como sempre,beijokas


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