Friday, 27 August 2010


Yesterday I did a good shopping on crochet/Tatting threads(my stash was almost empty!!).I found a good store in Bangalore to buy it, but very far from the place I stay.
I've this plan of making snowflakes for Christmas. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas tree.I already have some with me,but that's not enough!!And after a long time, I took my tatting shuttle and this is the snowflake I tatted.

And many more to go!!But that's all for now. Its been a very busy and stressful week.And tomorrow is also a busy one.Anyway Wishing everyone a very Happy Weekend.
Take Care


  1. Ninu it is very pretty...u cud have given the sho's name n location so tht it vl help us...

  2. wow..that looks very pretty...a white christmas tree would be lovely...

  3. love the snowflake where is the pattern from Ninu?

  4. Beautiful snowflake. Your tatting is so fine - lovely finishes. I wish I could do it as pretty as you.

  5. lovely piece. Could you please give us the shop name and'll be great help.


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