Thursday, 23 September 2010

Doilies again..

I am in a gift making mode now. We are visiting our native next month,and I am planning to give my aunts some gifts.Actually they were asking me for "gifts" since last year!!So I'm making some Doilies for three of them. I think Doily is the best idea for me that works with this time limit.
I made two more Cutie Pie doilies,this time in red and green, I feel like Christmas!! Actually first I made one Red Doily, then I thought of making two more and attach them lengthwise to make like a runner.Again, change of mind,use two colours. like Red-Green-Red. And after making Green Doily,..u know.. repeating the same pattern so many times make any person bored :D That's what happened to me too. So the whole idea is on hold.Anyhow I have some doilies right now on my gifting account.And one more in making.I am crocheting this pattern now.Happy Happy :)
So that's all for the day!!
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  1. Lovely colors again..yeah, me too cannot even imagine repeating the same pattern many times...aarghh!!!

  2. Love them Ninu.Same here cannot repeat a pattern at all! the idea to join them sounds good tho'

  3. Wow...they r beautiful. I am tempted to make one of this kind ;)

  4. Hi Ninu,
    Doily loos really cute. I love the green one.

  5. thank you all,
    soj, make some during ur vacation

  6. So pretty ! Some designs are like that ...u just can't stop making them. These look addictive!

  7. Oh thats great Ninu, love your these vibrant colour doilies... I dont do much crochet I only know the basic, but I really love it.. and yours are perfect, specially this green and red... something very cute..
    Thanks for your kind word on my post


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