Thursday, 9 September 2010

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Hey all,
All settled after some super busy days,but I must say it was wonderful!! My brother and family was here with us for some days. Had good time with them especially with my niece.She is 20 months old now, started talking, and wanted me to play with her.Loved it!!.When they left, both of us felt that silence at home :( Otherwise we woke up daily hearing her screaming for 'milk'.
A cousin's marriage was there in between,and many of our family members came to Bangalore to attend that.Some of them took special interest and visited our home too.What more to say??Enjoyed totally!!
They all left on Monday and from Tuesday evening I felt severe pain on my neck and was unable to move at all. :( Sad ending!!Don't know what happened,but now I'm feeling much better. I was on proper rest coz I hate(afraid of) going to a doctor/hospital.I really hate it!!
And last two days, with nothing to do other than 'holding my neck straight', I planned some new projects. All gifts which I postponed till date. I had this plan to give some gifts to 2 of my friends on their birthday. [They support and criticize me very much.In fact,most of the time they usually check my blog first as soon as I update it.]But I couldn't make it on time and now its going to be 2 months after their birthday. Better late than never!! I thought I'll give it a start and I can give them some Christmas gifts this year!!LOL

I'm going to make table mats,I decided the pattern,colours etc and I need to start with it soon. maybe after 2 days!!Also you can see the snowflakes in making!!I have some more gift plans, but blog abt that later!!yes later..
Until next post
Take care


  1. waiting to see those creations:-), may be i will be inspired to do something creative

  2. Playing with children is really enjoyable,Take care about your neck pain Ninu.

  3. Hmm..neck pain..may be too much of turning here and there to chat ;)
    But you enjoyed,na..Now take care of yourself.Don't bend over those embroidery pieces for some days. Health first!! Then may be you can make lots of gifts..


  4. eager to see your finished things.Sometimes, working constantly on projects also result in neck pain.Ask me how I know?! ;) you take care .


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