Thursday, 30 September 2010

White Doily

Hey all,
Coming up with the Doily I have been working on.Its a White Doily and quite large enough. I started this about two weeks before and the progress was very gradual. That's my motto when I take large Doilies.

I used Anchor Crochet Cotton,size 20 in pure white for this Doily. Crocheting the initial rounds of this Doily was slow and while moving to the final rounds the progress was really fast.That's how I felt.

The pattern is by Cylinda Mathews and I find it a very clever pattern with some interesting designs onto it. Looking the final product,I felt like the pattern for 'athappoo' or Pookalam, we put for Onam.:) Anyway, happy with the outcome and I got an appreciation from my hubby that its neat. Very rare I hear something like that from him, he is my biggest critic. :) :)

Thats all for now.
Till Next time
Take care


  1. Lovely..admire your patience.I may do it with wool but not with crochet yarn..whew!!
    Can you tell me how you block your finishes?

  2. Hi Ninu,
    This doily looks so complicated to me. So many little "stitches"!! Very beauitful job. Congratulations on finishing such a fine piece of work!!
    Patricia :o)

  3. Amazing, Ninuja. I shy away from such intricate work. Kudos to your patience. :)

  4. Ninuja! I admire your patience. Such intricate work always overwhelms me..

  5. Wow. Nice one Ninu. It looks like a 'pookkalam' :)). Looks complicated as well!


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