Thursday, 28 October 2010


I told sometime before that I had a thread shopping. My stash was almost empty then and when I saw so much of colours in the shop I couldn't resit.For the first time I bought that much threads.I usually shop only if I need it, I will be having some plans with it. I didn't know what happened that day,I bought almost all the colours they had.

I arranged them on my working table, they looked beautiful..I dint have any idea what to do with them.Also I have some difficulty in working with the Anchor knitting thread.I am so used to work with Anchor size 20/40 crochet cotton and working with a thicker one was way too difficult(Most of people find difficult the other way and I must confess I have never worked with yarn!!!). Now I have a matching hook to make crocheting easy.
A few days before while browsing I got this idea of making Granny Square. I saw some amazing pictures on Ravelry. I started working on it and it was so easy. I showed u a glimpse of it in my last post. I am adding some more rounds to it and will show you after its done. You might have noticed some crochet motifs in that post. I saw pictures of crochet garlands on Internet and I loved them. I discussed with some of my friends and they too loved it. So I joined that motifs and made a floral garland. It looks really beautiful!!Love it..

Now I have enough options to play with these colours. You will see that in coming posts.
That's all for the day.
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  1. Oh my goodness they are so lovely & gorgeous colours too..

  2. from where do u buy the threads in bangalore

  3. wow...can't wait to see what you are going to do with this lovely colours. I missed visiting your blog

  4. thank u all..
    sham, i bought this from jayanagar,shop name is vinayaka

  5. Can you please give some landmarks as to how to reach this shop "vinayaka" in jayanagar?


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