Thursday, 21 October 2010

My Creative Space

After such a long time I have some creative things up on my table. Just playing with can see bits and pieces of crochet motifs, I am trying out some patterns from a book I got from library.One Green Doily in making, and my attempt on granny square.
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Take Care


  1. Crocht flowers looks beautiful..I have added one of ur flower in so eager to start my project but just delaying..this saree seems never ending..:(

  2. Hi Ninu,
    What a surprise, even I tried a granny square recently :-)
    Will post it soon.
    Crochet motifs are good..

  3. hi ninu... love ur works...they are amazing... planning to learn crocheting online..
    any tips that you can give..about the yarns,hooks..etc


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