Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A Bunch of Little Flowers -Tray Cloth

I did some embroidery after a long long story of crocheting.And it feels good.I am enjoying it.I took a very simple pattern because of time constraints.I don't have much time these days to put into crafts.I am attending some classes to change my "unemployed" status.So I sticked onto an easy pattern and used stem stitch for leaves and stem and satin stitch for flowers.And I love simple embroidery too.

I am always confused while selecting the colours and this time it was no different. And usually happy with the colours I chose and this time too. I made a tray cloth out of it and it looks beautiful.

I am keeping this with myself as the sewing part I am not perfectly happy.In the pic you don't find much mistakes as I have edited this pic a bit, and that's a confession!!!

Embroidery Pattern: A Bunch of Little Flowers from Mary Corbet's Needle n' Thread.

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  1. wow..that looks lovely Ninu. sewing part looks perfect to me..did you put any lining for it..

  2. The colour combination is good Ninu,Is that cloth is Bombay dyeing ?

  3. its so pretty Ninu.Did you sew that tray as well?

  4. Dear Ninu,
    The embroidery is lovely, Even I love simple and small embroidery. Lovely colours too.
    By the way great to have a sewing machine. Congrats! and a belated happy birthday!!

  5. Lazy daisy lover .....


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