Friday, 12 November 2010

My Space -2

Diwali Holidays are all over. We had an amazing trip to Ooty on those days.The trip was really good leaving some good memories to keep, and the next weekend is here,I am just getting out from the hangover of it. Some pics caught in my cam.

Not much crafty things happening,other than crocheting some granny squares. I love making those and I think I am getting addicted to it.A sneak peek of the square I am working on.
That's all for the day. I am planning to do some embroidery soon.I hope I can post about it on my next post.
Till then
Take Care and Happy Weekend


  1. Ooty will be really good especially at this time it wont be crowded like summer season...
    Your Granny square looks great!!

  2. The pictures of Ooty look good.So does that granny square. Nice colours too.

  3. thanks you sangeetha,pearlin,kavitha

  4. beautiful granny squares, ninu!!nice colour combination..


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