Thursday, 18 November 2010

My Space -3

Something got a permanent position on my craft table from last week.Something I really wished for a long time.:) :)

Yes ,the sewing machine.I celebrated my birthday last week and this was my Mom's gift for me this year. Yes,I wanted this so much and she knew that very well :) :).

So last one week I was trying my hands onto this, to know the machine.I don't know sewing not even the basics, but somehow I am confident that I can learn this. And yesterday I took the courage to sew a cushion cover with a piece of embroidery I did long back.I knew very well that it was huge risk for a beginner, but I was in good mood. Struggled a lot, but I really enjoyed making this.See what I made,my very first attempt.

I can find a hundred mistakes in this in one glance, but I am very very much happy about the outcome. And many gave me a free advice to learn through practice,I also believe the same.

That's all for today.
Wishing you a very happy weekend!!
Take Care


  1. Its nice you have some thing you love most. I remember those lovely momments before 4 years when we brought a sewing machine.

  2. Belated BIRTHDAY WISHES Ninu and Congratulations for having a nice machine.The first attempt itself is great,keep stitching.

  3. A truly 'Happy' Birthday :) Enjoy your new toy. Iam still waiting for someone to gift it :)

  4. The 'long awaited' gift!!!!
    All the very best Ninu!!!

  5. WOw..Ninu..that's great...your mom got a sewing machine for your birthday...very thoughtful of her...I know you can learn the basic fast and soon jump into advanced level....I can't wait to see your lovely finishes..

  6. wohoo way to go Ninu! you did such a job ! Mothers know us the best rt? :) Hope you had a wonderful birthday wish you many many more

  7. Congratulations on your new sewing machine! I have the same one too. same pinch! you are gonna love it a lot!

  8. Belated birthday wishes. Your first attempt looks great. Have a great time with the new machine.

  9. Congrats for the new machine as well for the new cushion both looks cute as also your other works.Please feel free to visit my blog

  10. Thanks to all, Your words really mean a lot to me.

  11. Wow wonderful gift..... belated birthday wishes Ninu...
    Iam also a november bird...

    waiting for your experiments with this precious gift.


  12. hi!Love your blog. am inspired a lot to start stitching myself.Though I don't know stitching myself have seen my mom doing lots. Which sewing M/C would you suggest?


    1. Thanks 'Dreamer', I use Usha Janome Stitch MAgic, and very happy with it.


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