Saturday, 27 November 2010

Season begins!!

In my last post about tray cloth, I mentioned that I was unhappy with the sewing part. After the post I got a mail from my dear friend Nima asking where I found difficult while sewing and a link to help finishing the corners.Oh!!she guessed where I went wrong!! and was very much there to help..Although a virtual help, I really needed that !!It is always a great feeling when someone is there to help you when you are in trouble,no matter the subject!!
So I tried the method mentioned in the file and I got a neat finish considering I am beginner. So much happy with the sewing part this time!!Thanks Nima!!
After finishing the sewing only I thought of embroidery part this time. As Christmas is here,I thought of making something special for the season. I have some Christmas patterns with me and I love this Candle pattern in particular. I did embroidery with this pattern before but selected this one again.Same colours,same stitches.But not at all bored!!
Its such a beautiful pattern, pattern link is given below.I embroidered on two sides and it looks pretty to me.I am planning for some more Christmas crafts/gifts, don't know what happens to it.
Tip for better corners in sewing: Go to this link.
Embroidery Pattern: Christmas Candle

That's all for the day
Hope everyone having a very good weekend.
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  1. its beautiful did u manage to have such neat corners.?. i will be visiting the link u hv specified for perfect corners..nice design too..

  2. wow..that looks gorgeous are a fast learner...the embrodery looks very pretty

  3. ninu thanx a lot for the link on perfect corners.. it soo helpful..and very easy to follow as well..thanx again..:)seckscho

  4. On which type of material you did this embroidery?

  5. this pattern is sooo cute! and also for sharing the link which Nima sent you!


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