Saturday, 11 December 2010

Cross Stitch Edged Hand Towel

Two more gifts are done!!This time I added some luxury to the usual hand towel with a touch of cross stitch to make it special and a good gift!!I love the combination of blue and white especially on cross stitching. The pattern is adapted from the snowflake pattern by Nima. I am very much happy with the stitching part, it came out so neat, but sewing part I was happy until my hubby told me the mistakes, that too at the first sight!!
The green cross stitch is a simple one, just made a zigzag with full cross stitch(I am not sure whether its called full cross stitch,this was taught in school in the weekly stitching class!!). I wanted to do another snowflake pattern on green towel too,but there was no chance to get a pattern at that time.My Internet connection was down from Tuesday evening and to top it our desktop crashed!! where I used to save all patterns!! Without any option , I made my own design :D
Overall I am happy with both my creations especially blue one. And before leaving, Thanks to all those who are visiting my small space and an extra thanks to those who take time to make a comment on!! And extra extra thanks to everyone who started following me on my FB Page. You all make me feel special!!
That's all for the day!!
Wishing you a very happy weekend!!
Take Care


  1. wow...that looks really special...beautiful finishing too...

  2. The towels look mightily dressed up! Love them

  3. The Towel looks really beautiful,especially the blue one

  4. wow!! these towels look very elegant Ninu

  5. Simply beautiful...
    you became an expert in crosstich i think.

  6. Hi. The towels are beautiful and I wanted to try something similar. Can you give me some pointers plz? Have you stitched the cross stitch pattern on aida fabric and attached that to the towel? If yes, will it wash ok? Else have you done the cross stitch directly onto the towel? Eagerly awaiting your reply.

    1. Rea,i cross stitched on Aida fabric n sewn it on the towel, its still good after many washes,I asked my aunt who have this now.


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