Friday, 16 April 2010

Tat,Tat and Tat

I Tat a lot these days.All small bookmarks which can be finished soon.

Another Lacy bookmark in red and black combination.

Tatted Cross. I made two of these, colors are slighly different if you check. My first attempt on a cross, long time I wanted to make one, now I made two!!
And these are my favourites, Floral Bookmarks. Loved making them.Pattern you can find it here

Here everything put together. I am not into any big projects. Off to Kerala tomorrow for a 2 weeks long vacation. All set!!

Until I see you next time, Take care and have nice time

Monday, 12 April 2010

Clover Doily

I am more into Tatting these days. All because of IPL. My hubby follows it and me myself give him a company while he watches the match. I am no big fan of IPL, and I play with my tatting shuttle while he is watching.
  This Tatted Doily is one of the outcome. Its done in coffee cream color in size 20 Anchor thread. The actual pattern says 9 rows, but I stopped in 5th row. If you check the last row in pic, you will know why. I followed the pattern correctly, and dont know why it came like this. Now its in a useable state.  This was supposed to be a gift for a very dearest friend of mine, now I need to try something else.
Till next time,
Have a great day!!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Lacy Bookmark

One easy and pretty bookmark which I made yesterday night. Yeah! I am developing my reading habits!! :P Not that one is the only reason, I love bookmarks!!

Thread:Anchor Pearl Cotton Size 20 in Pink and Lavender.
Pattern:Lacy BookMark
In the pattern,three colors are used and I cant figure out that method. Can anyone help me?

Check out this site for free Tatting Patterns and Tutorials.

Till next time

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Floral Garland

Florals are my all time favourite.And this season's favourite too..I love stitching those.My latest finish is this cross stitched garland. The pattern is from Anchor Needle n Thread Magazine though I have changed the colors slightly according to my desire. The finishing part, as always, is pending.

Wishing Everyone a very Happy Easter