Saturday, 27 November 2010

Season begins!!

In my last post about tray cloth, I mentioned that I was unhappy with the sewing part. After the post I got a mail from my dear friend Nima asking where I found difficult while sewing and a link to help finishing the corners.Oh!!she guessed where I went wrong!! and was very much there to help..Although a virtual help, I really needed that !!It is always a great feeling when someone is there to help you when you are in trouble,no matter the subject!!
So I tried the method mentioned in the file and I got a neat finish considering I am beginner. So much happy with the sewing part this time!!Thanks Nima!!
After finishing the sewing only I thought of embroidery part this time. As Christmas is here,I thought of making something special for the season. I have some Christmas patterns with me and I love this Candle pattern in particular. I did embroidery with this pattern before but selected this one again.Same colours,same stitches.But not at all bored!!
Its such a beautiful pattern, pattern link is given below.I embroidered on two sides and it looks pretty to me.I am planning for some more Christmas crafts/gifts, don't know what happens to it.
Tip for better corners in sewing: Go to this link.
Embroidery Pattern: Christmas Candle

That's all for the day
Hope everyone having a very good weekend.
Till Next time
Take care

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A Bunch of Little Flowers -Tray Cloth

I did some embroidery after a long long story of crocheting.And it feels good.I am enjoying it.I took a very simple pattern because of time constraints.I don't have much time these days to put into crafts.I am attending some classes to change my "unemployed" status.So I sticked onto an easy pattern and used stem stitch for leaves and stem and satin stitch for flowers.And I love simple embroidery too.

I am always confused while selecting the colours and this time it was no different. And usually happy with the colours I chose and this time too. I made a tray cloth out of it and it looks beautiful.

I am keeping this with myself as the sewing part I am not perfectly happy.In the pic you don't find much mistakes as I have edited this pic a bit, and that's a confession!!!

Embroidery Pattern: A Bunch of Little Flowers from Mary Corbet's Needle n' Thread.

That's all for the day,
Till next time
Take care

Thursday, 18 November 2010

My Space -3

Something got a permanent position on my craft table from last week.Something I really wished for a long time.:) :)

Yes ,the sewing machine.I celebrated my birthday last week and this was my Mom's gift for me this year. Yes,I wanted this so much and she knew that very well :) :).

So last one week I was trying my hands onto this, to know the machine.I don't know sewing not even the basics, but somehow I am confident that I can learn this. And yesterday I took the courage to sew a cushion cover with a piece of embroidery I did long back.I knew very well that it was huge risk for a beginner, but I was in good mood. Struggled a lot, but I really enjoyed making this.See what I made,my very first attempt.

I can find a hundred mistakes in this in one glance, but I am very very much happy about the outcome. And many gave me a free advice to learn through practice,I also believe the same.

That's all for today.
Wishing you a very happy weekend!!
Take Care

Friday, 12 November 2010

My Space -2

Diwali Holidays are all over. We had an amazing trip to Ooty on those days.The trip was really good leaving some good memories to keep, and the next weekend is here,I am just getting out from the hangover of it. Some pics caught in my cam.

Not much crafty things happening,other than crocheting some granny squares. I love making those and I think I am getting addicted to it.A sneak peek of the square I am working on.
That's all for the day. I am planning to do some embroidery soon.I hope I can post about it on my next post.
Till then
Take Care and Happy Weekend

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Another Garland

Its simple,easy and beautiful.No particular rules to follow and you can finish this in no time.These are the reasons why I made one more crochet garland,(may be making some more). I love the way it looks.This time,I made some rounds and stars , all in red. Loving it.
A closer look of the motifs.

That's all about today.
Wishing everyone a very happy Diwali and happy holidays.
Take Care