Thursday, 22 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Some more of the decorations we have in our home sweet home. 
Snowflakes on my tree.These are all last year's collection.
I love candles, prefer stick ones and love collecting it too.I put two bulky scented candles on the top of the Red Pinwheel Doily .Next, the cutie pie doilies are hung on my kitchen wall.  The Christmas wreath,I made it myself with a plain garland I bought, again last year's.Wrapped it over a circular wire and added some gold painted pine cones with and a bow made with gold sheer lace. I am not too happy with the look, wanted to add/remove/change something from this,but again time constraints.I wonder,where my time goes,i know I waste a lot by just planning things and thinking about it, next year I will be a good girl,promise!!
Some snowflakes are hung on the T.V. Unit,I love this a lot, the idea inspired from site is an addiction, you get lots of ideas from there, but it takes a huge of time from you. I limited my time spending there, but I love the site.Regarding this decoration, I posted this pic on my facebook profile this week n' a cousin  commented,"OMG..... all your snowflakes committed suicide..... ?"    ,I burst  into laughter!!.different perspectives I say , LOL!!..Now when I look at these snowflakes, it reminds me of his comment.
I did not buy any store bought items for the tree this year, Wanted to fill the whole tree with snowflakes, but its not even half filled.So the tree is not crowded , but its beautiful!We enjoyed decorating it..
Hope everyone is busy and running around !!Wishing you all a very  very happy happy Christmas!Have a safe one!
Take Care

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas 2011-Red Green Granny Runner

This time, its mostly Crochet Christmas around our home, everything has a touch of crochet. I had big plans this time too, but as usual, many of them are still on the paper . But I am happy that I made good progress than last year's.
 After the series of Granny Cushion Covers(not yet over, soon you will see more in different colour combos), I took a small deviation and made this rectangle Doily for this Christmas!Its done in traditional granny pattern ,very Christmassy and looks absolutely beautiful!! 
I made a longer one like this for my shop and its already sold out. This is a smaller version of it with 21 squares, around 20 inch length. I tried to make some more simple cushion covers, but its not completed , and as we go for vacation tommo,I dont think I get time to finish it.
 Wishing you all happiness of the season! Merry Christmas!
till next time
Take Care

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas 2011-Crochet Star Applique Table Runner

"One of my Christmas arrangement "
I am decorating our home for Christmas, I believe its still not too late. Although we go to our native place for Christmas,I like the whole fun involved in it,n' I ve all the freedom here to put things according to my like.
crochet star
For the table runner I am speaking, I made 6 crochet red stars and blocked it and Stitched on the two sides of runner. I decided not to do any further embellishment as it may ruin the whole look.From my look, its not a stunner but perfect for the season, thats what I want.
Runner with star applique
I gave plain Red fabric for the back side, its kind of  reversible runner. The red fabric has a sheen to it, which is very festive. 
Reverse side-Red
Star Pattern: Grandma Twinkle
 I am making gifts for the season, will show you one by one later.
Take Care

Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas 2011-Snowflakes

Its been only 10 days after my last post,but I feel I took a long break. I was taking rest for sometime.My Mom was here for some days then both of us went to hometown to celebrate the feast of Mother Mary at our church(Parel Palli Perunnal). It was nice to be at home especially when you run on antibiotics,yes,I got viral fever in between n' I never knew antibiotics could be this strong!.And now back in Bangalore and  back to routine. And I showcase some of the little things I made for this Christmas, all for myself.
red snowflakes
These red snowflakes I made almost one month ago, blocked it yesterday. The larger one is with Knitting Cotton and the smaller ones are with size 20 crochet thread. 
white snowflakes
Then some white ones too. The smaller ones have white beads on it, the pattern I took from a book I recently bought. I thought I'd make all the 15 patterns from it, but only 2 are done now. I want to make some more snowflakes. Check the collection I made last year. 
snowflakes 2010 before blocking,
I realised now, I used to do a lot of tatting then. Now I forgot where my tatting shuttle is?
See you back with some more Christmassy things!
Take Care

Thursday, 1 December 2011

hey all!

Oh November!!The super busy,eventful,most happening month of the year.. November is my birthday month, n' we have 3 more bdays in November from my family and some of my good friends birthdays also fall in this month,everything call for celebration, My brother moved to his new house, a very beautiful one,I was in Kerala for a week for that function. My hands and brain were never still, was in working mode all the time, And finally, yesterday evening  a dream came into reality. yes,my online store is open now.

 Click the image and it takes to my store.
Now I have a good enough reason for my absence here. I have to thank a lot of people for their immense support and advice, boost n confidence, what not!!I have irritated so many of my friends with constant doubts, feedback etc etc.Almost everyone gave me green signal and its okay that there are some people who always make sure that your feet are on the ground itself! I made some cushion covers n  runners for the shop, more about it later, I need some time to breathe! :) If you have time to breathe, check my shop okay!
I missed blog hopping a lot, want to check my favy blogs soon, but before that need to clean up my home, its a real mess after all these!
Until next time
Take Care

Monday, 31 October 2011

Blue Waves

 Blue is my all time favourite colour.I used to have a wardrobe with kurta/tops in many shades of blue,now I control myself from buying anything blue,and try to give space for other colours..When I saw this blue variegated yarn in a shop,I couldn't resist myself, without any particular idea of what to make I bought 3 hanks. Then on the way back home I decided to make a scarf with this.
 After attending Ravelry Bangalore meet, I was so tempted to make a scarf. And this yarn seem so perfect for my desire.I took one easy pattern, which grew very fast and its done in a day's time!'vent blocked this, but soon it will be!

I am so happy with this wavy finish. Already got appreciation from my brother n hubby!This is the first finish that I've done other than home decor stuffs,I think!Some more yarn is left, hope I can make some other interesting things with that.
Pattern: Isar Scarf(free ravelry download)
Thanks everyone once again for the anniversary wishes, we indeed had a great day!
Till Next time
Take care

Friday, 28 October 2011

This day..

celebrating 5 years of togetherness!..I just cant believe it though, time sure flies!!.Thank you God,for all these wonderful years!!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Two Tone

Hope everyone had a wonderful Diwali..We don't celebrate this festival,but I enjoyed watching lights,traditional flowers,rangoli,sweets,fire crackers by neighbours, and the most fun was to watch the sky after sun with colourful fireworks!It was fabulous!In Kerala,we burst crackers during Christmas with all our heart!!Oh!!!I am waiting for December to come!
 OK,now speaking of Two Tones,I am back to Doily making after a short(very short) break!These cute things can be great gifts,I believe!This pattern was bookmarked long time ago and on Tuesday(which was holiday for my hubby) I started working on it. Its a very simple pattern and done in a day's time taking many intervals in between.As always choosing colour was really a task!
 Again I chose one with lavender n yellow,I already have an embroidered bed sheet set,2 crochet cushion covers in this combo, so why not a doily??
 The second one is flesh colour+peach,this was an experiment, but I loved this combo. quite fResh!Which one you like better?
 The pattern was so easy to follow and my doilies came 8 inch diameter after blocking. Without blocking also, it holds a very nice shape and size. If I happen to crochet this pattern again,I will surely avoid blocking part.

Pattern: Two Tone Doily
Thread:Anchor Crochet Cotton size 20

Till Next time
Take Care

Monday, 24 October 2011

sweet little

"somethings"! Hope you all are doing well! was away from blogging for a while.No such crafts happened here last week,my creative side of brain was on strike I guess!Then yesterday it called off and slowly getting into action. Today I show off something I forgot to blog about.
I love earrings and I love to collect them. These crocheted ones are made by me n' added to it and my favourite is the blue one. Then the white squares I crocheted long time back during my train journey, Now there are 4 of them and 5th one in half stage. The other day I dig into my cupboard and got these,Now I really don't know why I crocheted that, totally forgot the whole idea behind. And the Coaster is for my friend who wanted a white one when she saw this.
And new additions to my stash.Laura and Anchor Knitting cotton were added last week.
From the fabric loot that happened last week.
Yesterday's attempt-Not so good looking bag,my first try, the lining was not getting right and it's not looking good, but usable.
That's all for the post now. Will come back with a neat and tidy post next time.
Till then
Happy Monday!
Take Care

Friday, 14 October 2011

Granny Square Pillow-latest one!

And here's the latest addition to my Granny Cushion Family,for time being last too.I am in no mood to make another one and have enough to put all around my home, but who knows??Once tried colour combo is reused here,I got very good comments about those colours, I also loved it very much.When it comes to home decor,especially for my home,my liking is more towards yellow and its shades + white.( btw noticed that recently only).But we have curtains, sofa covers etc etc in maroon and that's a different story!
I can see good progress from the first one I made and I must say, the purple one and this came out the best !I put buttons for closure with a  narrow crochet edging.I love adding simple buttons, and I am in search of nice simple ones. This cushion is of 16x16 inches size, usually I make smaller ones.
And that's all for the post. Till next time
Take care
Happy Weekend!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Star Center Doily

Some of you have already seen the beautiful Star Center Doily by Nima.I loved that doily on first look itself and  immediately searched for a similar pattern,a doily freak I am, but couldn't find one like that. And last week,got a mail from Nima, that she wrote the pattern for the doily and asked whether I could test the pattern. Oh!I happily obliged! Testing was fun, found some minor mistakes  which can happen if you write pattern in a hurry,other than that the pattern was perfect and the doily turned out  very pretty  and I decided to keep this for myself! Thanks Nima!!
 The pattern is an easy one and moves very fast until you reach the ruffle part,there it becomes slow, but the outcome is worth the time n' effort.Love the ruffles part very much! I chose to do with Red and white itself, just like Nima's doily, but omitted beading part,the reason I say-did not have red beads, not that I dint have patience to thread 420 something beads :P
The picture is so Christmassy right??
Thread:Anchor Crochet Cotton Size 20
Hook Size: 0.85mm steel hook
Size: 11 inches diameter(I dint spray starch on the ruffles)
Pattern: Star Center Ruffle Doily or check here 
until next finish,which most probably be another granny cushion cover, all of you take care
Have a wonderful week ahead!

Friday, 7 October 2011

..yet another

yes, some more cushion covers.I've started making Christmas stuff.This Envelope Cushion Cover in Red+White is the first one!.I've so many plans for this Christmas Season! hmmm..lets see..
For the back side, I used plain white fabric with a narrow fabric binding. Binding,which is a simple technique for many, is being tried for the first time. Size comes in 40cm x 40cm.There are actually four of it, I dint have a filler to fit the last one in. Love this fabric a lot,but I bought only a small quantity,was not sure whether its colourfast, so not much left looks very bright with this big floral print..
The week was a good one, hope the weekend also will be good!Wishing everyone a very happy Weekend
Till Next time
Take Care

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Water My Garden..

Good Morning Friends,
Finally,the cross stitch that I was working on is done!.It came out beautifully and I am definitely going to frame this.. Experts advised me NOT to give a timeline while working on cross stitch,especially when the design is big and has a lot of color change, as it doesn't make the work fun! This one progressed slowly, I took it out when I really wanted to work on it.Overall, a nice experience and a good outcome!!
I love cross stitch, love the way when designs come up from no where(of course we follow a chart, but still).how the design grows!I used to take pictures of how it progressed, but later stage, don't know what happened, I dropped the plan..wanted to.. but.. lazy lazy me!!

The original pattern has got verses from Bible, I wanted to cross stitch that too, but I got wrong when I cut the fabric and  no enough space to work that now :( I realised that when it was half way through. A bit sad about that, as with that verses, the pattern looks more classy and  most liked one from the whole book. Happy that I got to cross stitch the whole watering can though!!Its a beautiful design!!
..Water My Garden
Drench My Flower Beds..
                                        Ecclesiasticus 24:31
Have a nice day!!
Take Care

Friday, 23 September 2011

Purple Granny Cushion

This time its purple n yellow with a tint of green! Happy with the colour choice,stitching, sewing ,everything!!the whole process was so ease..(may be coz of the experience I have had!!This is my 5th granny cushion)

Like the previous Red one, I put button closure on top..A few episodes of my fav programme on Tv - I crocheted,blocked, joined all was a slow process, took more than a week,but I dint feel so! dint struggle much on sewing too- there was nothing to do actually!! then I hand sewn the front crocheted panel to the cushion cover, buttons are attached.. And its Done!!!

Weekend is here-mine is going to be a busy one as of now!!Wishing you all a very happy one!
Till Next time,
Take Care

Monday, 19 September 2011

My first bag

oh yes!!,I am back again!!I was in Kerala for 2 weeks and we had a fabulous holiday this time. It was different,we did not have any family functions to attend,but went for a spiritual retreat,spend good amount of  time with family, i think that was much needed..,overall not a hectic one!!Came back totally refreshed,free and happy! we were back on last Tuesday, but then our telephone and Internet had some problem. Now back to the old routine..
Today I am going to show you the first bag I made, though not fully completed,have to give lining. The pattern is the famous Inga's Häkel beutel.
The pattern is simple,just have to make some squares and join them.I took some yarn to Kerala and made these squares during my stay there. After joining all the squares,I am not satisfied with the colour choice I made(i think its too dull,in pic it looks way too bright!!) and the size of the bag.. Its actually a small one. But I am happy that it has got a descent look and almost effortless! my sewing attempts to make a bag did not work. I think I will be making some more bags.I loved it totally..
Till Next time
Take Care
Happy Monday!!

Monday, 29 August 2011

Wiggly Wiggly..

My first attempt on Wiggly Crochet. This was done as a part of CAL in Ravelry. It was a mystery CAL ,wiggly crochet is something new to me, and CAL aimed on a small project which really tempted me to join. I wanted to make something useful and made a small coaster(5 inch square) which looks pretty good and very much happy with the choice of colours.Choosing colours for my projects is fun and always takes time.
 When you look at wiggly crochet, it appears to be a complicated one, but its not and I really enjoyed crocheting this.
That's all for today
Till Next time
Take Care

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Crochet Granny Cushion

some of those pretty things I showed to you in my last post are combined to make my favourite thing - cushion cover..I really love making these and there are many more on the queue!

I made a pillow form myself by stuffing fiberfill to get the size and shape I wanted..The granny squares are joined and hand sewn to the cushion cover. Some Red buttons are stitched on the top edging,I really loved the idea of adding buttons, it really gives a neat look! I don't have a good collection of buttons, but now I seriously think of collecting some..
I love the colour combo, which was chosen randomly but this is perfect for the season I love most so I am saving this for Christmas!
Pattern: Copenhagen Pillow
And the colourful yarn bits, I love this pic!

Till Next time,
Take Care

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Hooky stuff!!

A tray full of crocheted goodness! These things top my creative space this week..I need to go for some craft shopping to finish any of these..I don't know when that happens..but I've to!!
And many thanks to all who gave those beautiful comments on Wall hanging,I was very much surprised about the page hit that particular post got/receiving..And know what?? It got featured on Tea Rose Home too!!Do I need to say how happy I am??
Visit more creative spaces here 
Till next time
Take Care

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Flower Wall Hanging

Yes, its the Japanese flower. Made a small wall hanging with 3 motifs..Love the simple look of it and it was so easy to make them! I used Anchor Knitting Cotton here.
Inspired from here and pattern is from here and its a written pattern.
Till Next time
Take Care

Monday, 8 August 2011 of baking!!

yes, I'm finding a lot of joy in baking! I love anything everything homemade and always loved home made cakes! Last week we bought an electric baking oven and from that day onwards I started baking cakes and journey has been excellent so far! Oven is only 9 days old and I already baked 5 cakes! My brother is also staying with us now,so finishing it all was not a problem..

The cake in the picture is the one I baked today! Baking cakes was not tough as I thought ..♥ing it!!
Take Care,

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Work in Progress

Work in progress, lot more stitching to be done for the final look. Love the way its shaping up!

Take Care