Thursday, 27 January 2011


Back home in Bangalore after a totally unexpected-unplanned break. I was in my native place for about 3 weeks and was not accessing internet at all. Was disturbed with back pain occasionally when I left from here. That became a bit more serious due to travel and we went to Doctor. When diagnosed he advised me to take rest for sometime.Things were not ok!!! So I stayed back @home and was on absolute bed rest for 2 whole weeks. Things are much better now, I am back in Bangalore and slowly getting into pace.
Very obvious that the start of new year was not good, but I don't say it was bad start.I got a lot of time to spend exclusively with my family. I think after my marriage this was the first time I stayed @my home for more than 1 week. Was really good. And counting on more good things happened, see what I got on the very first day of this year.

Size 10 crochet cotton threads!!Gift from a very dear friend,not a surprise gift, she told me and showed this before sending.But very big than I thought it to be. And I made these doilies I made with them. The beige one I gave it to my sis in law. I was teaching her crochet during my stay and gave one for her to practice.

Last one was made from Anchor Crochet cotton. I gave all these to my Mom upon her order!!That's all for the 1st post of this year. Will be very slow on crafts for sure, but there will be some. So till next post,
Take care