Thursday, 3 March 2011

Carnation Earrings

Hello all,
Long Time!!Hope everybody doing good!!I took a short break from my hobbies due to my poor health. Things are getting better now, but not absolutely fine,slowly getting back to the routine!
Last week, I got a mail from Nima whether I could test her earring pattern, I agreed without thinking too much, after all I love earrings,especially hook drop ones!!
I took my time to finish this up even though the pattern is quite easy!! I did not have ready made Earring hooks like the one Nima used. But I have one ear ring for which the hook can be removed,that is used here. This is the first time I am trying something with beads. I bought bronze coloured beads to embellish an embroidery which I planned. That's still in the plan and I don't think that will come to reality any time soon. Some of those beads are used for this pattern and it looks quite nice with the green thread, which is size 20 Anchor Crochet Cotton Thread.

I absolutely loved this one!!I showed this to a friend of mine and she also loved it!! I saw some more earring patterns in Ravlery and they are all very much tempting!
That's all on this post!! Thanks to all who send the get well soon messages and for the encouragement!Till next post
take care


  1. yours look so cute too.Didn't I say they are addictive?!:)

  2. Really nice ones.. Ninu... Take care of your health...

  3. Hi Ninu,
    Very lovely earrings. Beautiful colour. Take good care of your health.

  4. Thank you so much ninu for taking time to test my patern...It looks cute...

  5. Wow!!!!Iam so happy to see your posting again.Eagerly Awaiting more postings from u.

  6. hi happy to see your work... more than that take care of your health...

  7. Beautiful earings. Nice to see you blogging.Take care of your health. God bless you.


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