Monday, 14 March 2011

Crochet Rounds

I am trying to decorate my home and add more colours around with things I make. As a start, I made these crochet rounds which are very quick finishes. Me myself made the colour choices and quite happy with it. These are about 71/2 inches diameter! Now these lovelies are hung on my kitchen wall until I change its position! No furniture or decorations hold a permanent position here!I rearrange everything upon my mood..
And that's a quick post!
Till Next time
Take Care


  1. lovely doilies ninu...good to see you back in action...take care

  2. I made a couple of these mandala potholders too after being inspired by plus3 crochet.Haven't starched them yet.yours are so lovely.

  3. Very pretty!! Why don't you show us a pic of these on the wall?

  4. Exactly what was in my mind. Even I had been looking out for patterns to make colorful potholders to hang on the wall. Very beautiful. Good choice of colors.

  5. very pretty doilies ninu... can use them as coasters too!!:)

  6. Lovely colourful coasters Ninu... Good to see u back.


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