Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Granny Cushion -2

As told in the last post, I made second granny square pillow cover. I tried this technique for the pillow in the last post. Then it took2-3 trials to get into the right size. So thought of trying out a bit differently this time.I sewed the Granny square to the front side first and then followed the usual method for envelope cushion. Result: Dint get the corners right!You can see in the pic that bottom corners are not good. This is the result after some trials! But overall it looks quite OK!!, doesn't it?
One thing I learnt is I need to get more practice on my sewing machine! Then all these problems will have a solution!
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  1. wow...this looks beautiful..i love the colour too...thank you for the link to the tutorial..

  2. Looks great Ninu. Thanks for the link.. I was searching for such one.

  3. Nice Ninu. The corners seem okay to me. The colour is beautiful.

  4. very pretty ninu:)luv the colours too


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