Friday, 25 March 2011

Pineapple Doily Again!!

In between completing all UFO's to FO's, I started something new. I've mentioned many times that I love crocheting Doilies and this time I crocheted a very large one. In one of my previous posts, I mentioned my friend gave me some thread and it was quite big.So I decided to make bigger sized doilies with that. And this is the first one, my Blue Pineapple Doily!!Its 21 inches in diameter as its size 10 thread and I love the way its finished! The colour of thread is a very nice blue but,here in the pic I dint get the exact colour.

The pattern is quite simple and easy,crocheting was really fast except for the picots in the final round!.Outcome is quite beautiful..Love it!!I'vent decided to keep this for myself or to gift!!The pattern is here.

I started one more Pineapple Doily along with this, crocheting is done, need to block that now. Its a few inches larger than this one :)
That's all for this post
Wishing everyone a very happy weekend!
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  1. It's so big..! Looks great.. How many days you took to finish this?

  2. This doily is beautiful. Thanks for the pattern, will give it a try. My current posting is a doily too but sorry I don't have the pattern for it.

  3. why am I not able to see the picture?! :(

  4. Love the doily, its beautiful. Hope I have the patience to try it.

  5. super!! ugran pattern..oru ornamental look undu.Center-il kutti bangles aano? :)

  6. oh, that's beautiful, lovely pattern and colour

  7. nice pattern
    got stuck while making this

    3rd Round. Sl st into loop, ch 5, d c in same loop, * 1 d c, ch 2, 1 d c in next loop, repeat from * all around, join in 3rd st of ch.

    does ......Sl st into loop ........ mean slip stitch into the same loop or the next one

  8. Thanks for all your lovely comments..

    royce: sl st into starting loop itself.

  9. You are excelling in all the threadwork you take up...:-)


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