Thursday, 28 April 2011

Snow Doily

Trying to finish the WIPs showed in my last post. The beaded snow doily is blocked. I found a bit difficult while crocheting with beads. The beads were quite large and it was not keeping its position .I think the method I tried was wrong!And after blocking, I did not get a good round shape. I dint care much while pinning this doily on the blocking board. But other than the shape, the doily looks good!

Pattern : Snow Doily
The flowers on the background is one of the gifts from a dear friend of mine. This year,happy that I am getting a lot of gifts which I like, from my friends and family..Loving it!! I hope this continues the whole year and coming years too.. LOL!
I finished blocking my summer garden squares and will show you the finish in my next post.
Till then
take care

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Too much of things..

Its been a while! Hope you all are doing good! I was @home in Kerala for sometime and came back a few days before. Took sometime to settle in and get back to routine.Was on hangover! When I am at my home, I enjoy all the luxuries there, and try not to do the normal household works I normally have to do. Most of the time I will be busy chit chatting, travelling,meeting all relatives and all! This time, it was slightly different. Everyone was busy there and stressed out! I was staying at home most of the time and and I knew this would happen. So I took along my hobby kit to there. Now have so many things going on and none of these are completed yet!I was switching from one to another all the time.

The summer splendor doily in pretty pink,I was crocheting this during train journey. The pink thread is now over and I have a few more rounds left. Its a very bright pink and I don't have matching colours that look good with this. So probably I will block this without crocheting further!

Next is a cross stitch..This is from a book I own called Donna Kooler's Cross Stitch Inspiration. I started this somewhere last year and all I did was a one leaf. When I was on bed rest I gave this book to my cousin. Before leaving to kerala, she gave this back to me and I resumed stitching ,its not even halfway through!

Some hand embroidery going on! and on the background is snow doily with white beads in the corner which I got from an old chain of mine. Doily is complete,need to block it.

Can you see something crocheted in white. That's the Victorian Table Cloth Motif.I did 3 motifs now and its not for a table cloth!After coming back, before finishing any of these,I started something new. I always found difficult crocheting with yarn.All because I did not have the right hook. After trying out different size of hooks, I found one with I can crochet comfortably! And these some summer garden squares are born! Haven't decided what to do with them, but they wont go waste!

I don't know when I am going to finish all these, but I enjoyed doing all of it till this stage! It was really a stress buster.Today when I took all these to my table, I simply loved the look of this incompleteness and thought of blogging it.
So thats a long post and more than enough for one post!
Till I complete any of these
Take Care

Friday, 1 April 2011

Double Pineapple Doily

Worked with size 10 crochet cotton in a lovely green colour,Size:24 inches in Diameter here comes the Double Pineapple Doily, I was working on. It looks very beautiful and I am totally in love with this creation!

The pattern was very easy and fast to work with except a few rounds where the second pineapples start. If you want you can stop the doily where the second pineapples start, it still looks pretty! I planned like that but then changed my mind and double happy about it!!LOL

Love this green colour and I've decided to keep this doily for myself,I don't think I will crochet another large doily again!???I dont know! Anyway here is the pattern link : Double Pineapple Doily.

Hope everyone had a great week. For me starting was quite bad and turning pretty fine and happy towards the end! Hope the weekend will be good and I am looking forward to see the Cricket World Cup Final tomorrow with friends and cousins!I was not watching or following cricket for so many years,one rare species who was totally unaware about the World cup matches going on where every single person whom I know were talking about all the time, but I watched the much hyped semifinal match between India and Pakisthan. I was not interested to watch and was totally in a bad mood, but some friends popped in and it was quite entertaining! Luckily India won! Now lets see who wins tomorrow's match, My cousin who is a die hard fan of Sachin is coming to our home to watch the match. His semester exams are going on and he is very cool about that but very much tensed about tomorrow's match!!!
Wishing everyone a very happy weekend!
Take Care