Friday, 1 April 2011

Double Pineapple Doily

Worked with size 10 crochet cotton in a lovely green colour,Size:24 inches in Diameter here comes the Double Pineapple Doily, I was working on. It looks very beautiful and I am totally in love with this creation!

The pattern was very easy and fast to work with except a few rounds where the second pineapples start. If you want you can stop the doily where the second pineapples start, it still looks pretty! I planned like that but then changed my mind and double happy about it!!LOL

Love this green colour and I've decided to keep this doily for myself,I don't think I will crochet another large doily again!???I dont know! Anyway here is the pattern link : Double Pineapple Doily.

Hope everyone had a great week. For me starting was quite bad and turning pretty fine and happy towards the end! Hope the weekend will be good and I am looking forward to see the Cricket World Cup Final tomorrow with friends and cousins!I was not watching or following cricket for so many years,one rare species who was totally unaware about the World cup matches going on where every single person whom I know were talking about all the time, but I watched the much hyped semifinal match between India and Pakisthan. I was not interested to watch and was totally in a bad mood, but some friends popped in and it was quite entertaining! Luckily India won! Now lets see who wins tomorrow's match, My cousin who is a die hard fan of Sachin is coming to our home to watch the match. His semester exams are going on and he is very cool about that but very much tensed about tomorrow's match!!!
Wishing everyone a very happy weekend!
Take Care


  1. Gorgeous as awlwyas Ninu. i love the green colour too.

  2. This is sooo pretty. Very neat and perfect. The color also adds to its charm.

  3. Its double pretty Ninu..:)...luv that green colour very much!!as usual very gud finish too..

  4. It is so lovely. I am in deep love with it...

  5. for some strange reason I cannot see your pictures.But I saw them on FB and Ravelry and they are gorgeous!

  6. The pictures didn't come up. I don't know if it's my computer being stubborn or what. I'd have loved to see them. The blue doily below is stunning!!
    Patricia :o)

  7. I just found your blog..what lovely work..I too am a thread the stuff..It is so nice to see what others are creating. Stop by my blog and take a look. I think we use many of the same patterns..

  8. Yeay! I see the photos now. The doily turned out beautifully! The color is so pretty, too. Good work!
    Patricia :o

    Ps: I forgot to tell you last time: Thank you for leaving your kind words on my post regarding my MIL. You don't know how much I appreciated them.

  9. Ninu how I missed this post !
    it is a real beauty..i envy have such a wonderful hand in crocheta..happy for u..

  10. I love all your doilies, they are so beautiful! I keep on looking at them always :-)

  11. Pretty Doily!!! Done with such a perfection.

  12. Im working on this same double pineapple doily in solid blue.. Yours look very beautiful and awesome color too!


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