Thursday, 28 April 2011

Snow Doily

Trying to finish the WIPs showed in my last post. The beaded snow doily is blocked. I found a bit difficult while crocheting with beads. The beads were quite large and it was not keeping its position .I think the method I tried was wrong!And after blocking, I did not get a good round shape. I dint care much while pinning this doily on the blocking board. But other than the shape, the doily looks good!

Pattern : Snow Doily
The flowers on the background is one of the gifts from a dear friend of mine. This year,happy that I am getting a lot of gifts which I like, from my friends and family..Loving it!! I hope this continues the whole year and coming years too.. LOL!
I finished blocking my summer garden squares and will show you the finish in my next post.
Till then
take care


  1. The Doily is so pretty!
    The yellow looks lovely too.

  2. Another name for Ninu is Doily Queen.

  3. Thanks Vinnie..
    Pradeepa.. Love that name LOL!!

  4. I think the doily looks great!! I just found your blog, through another blog..I crochet doilies too. I just became a follower.

  5. Your doilies are so delicate. Love them

  6. lovely yellow doily Ninu. The beading looks perfect to me.

    I remember the last round of this pattern is picot. just put the bead when you do the second chain...then do the picot it should stay fine.

    It's a perfect round doily so you need to take care when you block it to get that perfect round shape.


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