Thursday, 26 May 2011

Pink Doily

Hello all,
Blocked the pink doily which I showed you in WIP post,as I mentioned there I omitted a few rounds from the pattern. I am working on the same pattern now, with a white thread. This time I aim crocheting all rounds!
Size after blocking: 9 inches.
I get many emails these days asking how I block my doilies, n' my reply to these mails include Teresa's video here ,which I thought has described the method I follow now. I used to block like the 2nd method shown in her video..Last week a friend mentioned that the way I told her was not shown in the video . And then I was searching for the source of the blocking method I use now and here's it. Check Pearlin's post here ,scroll down and you see how she block her doilies ,there's a picture too. I follow the same way to block my Doilies. I pin my doily onto a cardboard sheet(one big piece from a carton) and use Ujala Stiff and Shine as starch and a spray can is used to spray starch on the Doily.And those who emailed me regarding the blocking method, go through both links and follow the way you like!! :)

And before signing off, I am very happy to say that this is my 100th post here in my little space in blogosphere! And many thanks to all who checks this space and for being with me all this while! I so wanted to announce a small giveaway to all my readers along with this post, but I have travel plans in coming days and thought of hosting after I come back! so watch out!!
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Friday, 20 May 2011

Crochet Cushion

This is my third crocheted cushion cover. I love making them and this time its in favourite colour blue. I was just making granny squares with random colour choices after I made these and I loved this choice the most. Then,I made 16 granny squares and joined them to get the cushion cover size. Making squares was easy but joining them was not. I tried 2-3 methods and found this method more comfortable to me.
Then came the sewing part, after making two similar cushion covers I thought it would be easy for me third time, but no.. I was in front of sewing machine for almost 3 hrs to sew this simple cushion cover. it was going all the way wrong :( The yarn stretched more than I thought and after sewing ,the cover is a bit over size for my cushion .Somehow, I managed a decent look.
That's about my latest finish.
Granny Square Pattern : Summer Garden Square from Attic24
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Take Care and Happy Weekend!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Mandala Potholders

Some more Potholders inspired by Plus3 Crochet!! Fast and easy to make,I just played with colours and love the outcome totally! Now I am comfortable crocheting with yarn, so a lot more crochet is progressing.Made these 2 weeks before, after that did not get time to blog.When I tried once, blogger did not allow me to login.
Pattern: Granny Mandala Potholders
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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Crochet Garland

The squares are blocked and I chose a very simple and easy way to finish it-made garland out of it. These squares were made without much thinking!Initial thought was to finish it to a cushion cover and after I started joining the squares I changed my mind and finished it to a garland!

One easy way I think, but very pretty too! Four colours are used and four combinations of it !True happy colours!Put this garland on to the wall and its only halfway through!

When I showed it to my husband and he really loved, to my surprise.usually he criticises it to the core! I used metal hooks which can be pasted on to the wall to hang this. As these squares weighs nothing, its one good option!
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Take Care