Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Crochet Garland

The squares are blocked and I chose a very simple and easy way to finish it-made garland out of it. These squares were made without much thinking!Initial thought was to finish it to a cushion cover and after I started joining the squares I changed my mind and finished it to a garland!

One easy way I think, but very pretty too! Four colours are used and four combinations of it !True happy colours!Put this garland on to the wall and its only halfway through!

When I showed it to my husband and he really loved, to my surprise.usually he criticises it to the core! I used metal hooks which can be pasted on to the wall to hang this. As these squares weighs nothing, its one good option!
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  1. really looking good ninu... nice color combination

  2. Very pretty Ninu!!Really brightens up the wall!

  3. They are lovely Ninu and are indeed happy colors...

  4. love the colours and your other needle work.

    Greetings from Sarita, Netherlands

  5. Those are lovely Ninu and the colors are so refreshing to the eyes :-)

  6. that's cute...i love the colour combo

  7. jothi,Pradeepa,Pearlin,Saritha,Anu,Sarita,Toni,Nima,Uma,Jisha - Thank you so much for your comments


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