Thursday, 26 May 2011

Pink Doily

Hello all,
Blocked the pink doily which I showed you in WIP post,as I mentioned there I omitted a few rounds from the pattern. I am working on the same pattern now, with a white thread. This time I aim crocheting all rounds!
Size after blocking: 9 inches.
I get many emails these days asking how I block my doilies, n' my reply to these mails include Teresa's video here ,which I thought has described the method I follow now. I used to block like the 2nd method shown in her video..Last week a friend mentioned that the way I told her was not shown in the video . And then I was searching for the source of the blocking method I use now and here's it. Check Pearlin's post here ,scroll down and you see how she block her doilies ,there's a picture too. I follow the same way to block my Doilies. I pin my doily onto a cardboard sheet(one big piece from a carton) and use Ujala Stiff and Shine as starch and a spray can is used to spray starch on the Doily.And those who emailed me regarding the blocking method, go through both links and follow the way you like!! :)

And before signing off, I am very happy to say that this is my 100th post here in my little space in blogosphere! And many thanks to all who checks this space and for being with me all this while! I so wanted to announce a small giveaway to all my readers along with this post, but I have travel plans in coming days and thought of hosting after I come back! so watch out!!
Till next post
take care


  1. Thanks for the blocking guidance Ninu. This doily a Cute piece.

  2. Love the doily. So beautifully styled too.hey thanks for the mention :)

  3. very pretty..can't wait to see the one with all the rounds.

  4. Pretty, pretty, pretty! Love looking at your doilies.

    I just finished my double pineapple (your my inspiration) and now it's in the blocking board.


  5. Absolutely adore your doilies.When you run out of space to keep them in your home,send some to me ;)

  6. lovely pink ninu...beautifl doily

  7. Thatz a lovely DOily...I like the colour you selected.

  8. This is an amazing doily!!!!!!! Love it in PINK!!!


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