Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Giveaway time!!Come,enter and win!! {Giveaway Closed}

A short visit to hometown and I am back in Bangalore with a happy face, no particular reason,but after I came back,I find myself loaded with positive energy!!!hehe.. And in all happy mood,I am hosting a giveaway to all friends here,this is my 101th post..

I really did not have any idea about blogging when I started my blog,it just happened on one lazy evening( we were in UK that time) and the only intention was to show my close friends and family that I have a creative side too! I did not have any idea how vast this networking could be! After coming back to India,I took a break(actually I had no plans to continue)from blogging and some emails came from blogger friends asking what happened??,why no posts etc etc??you know what I felt that time?"Precious", yes,that's the word!! That motivated me and  here I am, with my 101th post!!Now I really enjoy blogging,reading blogs(I find that very inspiring!),and totally love this network!!also I found a few friends too from here but never got a chance to meet any of them :(!! I am truly thankful to all who visit this space and those who take time to put a comment,that's really encouraging and it really means a lot to me!!Here's my humble offer to you all!

The Pink Doily and a Cutie pie Doily in variegated pink,its a pink affair!! and 15x15" cross stitch material and Anchor Floss in 3 colours- Deep Pink,Yellow and Green.

If you want to win these, please put a comment to this post answering a simple question (which is no where connected to what I write on my blog) before 12th June.If you don't have a blog, please leave your email id when you post the comment.
Being a nature lover ,My question is  : what do you love most about nature? 
Quite simple right??
All the best!


  1. Congrats on completion of 100 posts..hoping to see many more interesting blog posts and creative ideas..I am in for the giveaway and what i love the most abt nature is the creativity that it instills in each one of us..its an inspiration for all those creative people and also refreshes every mind by its beauty

  2. I love the colour of Nature, "Green". Green is life. Green signifies growth, renewal and health.

  3. Ninu, This is my first comment.According to me the most lovable thing about nature is the changes it acquires according to the seasons. I believe every human need to take nature as an example and adapt to changes in each phase of life to succeed.

  4. Good Morning Ninu..love the pink doily..count me in..

  5. oops favorite thing about nature..That it changes and nothing stays the same..

  6. Ninu
    Happy to see your 101th post and the giveaway.
    The answer for your question is ,
    I love SKY and the STARS.Whenever I was in a dull or depressed mood watching these really relaxes my mind.

  7. congrats on 100th post. please do add me for the draw...
    i love the purity of the nature...keep going Ninu...

  8. I love the moonlight... Experiencing it is a very special feeling...

  9. Congrts Ninu for completing 100 posts..more to come..I really enjoy your creations and
    oh pink is my fav colour..
    immediate answer to your question is 'flowers' any flower even which can be grass flower which makes my heart rejoy, merry and a simple boquet can wipe of my sadness!!

  10. Ninu

    congrats on your 101th post, i find blogging very stress busting and I too have started with similar thoughts. Good that you had decided to take a break and have come up till here ; May the posts continue to surprise us.
    As for nature, we too are part of it right, so what i like about it is that its everchanging, like everything around us, dynamic and nothing is still!we are new then we grow and we fade away giving space for new again!

  11. congrats Ninu!!!!wish u all the best...we r expecting more and more from u.....and yes u can do it...we r there to encourage u.....
    and about nature.....i love everything about nature...the vibrant colors,the beautiful rainbows,the dawn...no i cant stop with these..there r a lot about our beautiful nature that God had given

  12. Keep going ,Ninu..we'll all be here for your 200th post too ;)
    There's nothing that I don't like about the nature - I love the way it freshens up after a rain,especially our state Kerala,I love the first smell of wet mud when it rains after a dry spell, I love the flowers on hill tops and valleys and I love the sight of fruits hanging from the trees...:)

  13. Congrats !way to go Ninu!
    Would love to enter this giveaway
    The thing I love about nature,the myriad colours, each beautiful in its own way :)

  14. i love the drizzling rain and the smell of the mud when wet.

    thanks for the giveaway

    forgot to add my e id in the previous post .


  15. I'm new to your blog and am enjoying looking back over your posts to see the things you've created.


    The thing I love most about nature is how it brings us so close to God. The simplest thing is really so complex when you look closely and so beautiful, it shows us just how much he loves and cares about us. We get so much pleasure from the things he created and he did it all for us!


  16. Hi Ninu
    I do follow your blog regularly but leaving comment for the first time.congrats for the 1ooth post and looking for more....
    I love the sun, stars ,moon , clouds
    and the rain

  17. Hi Ninu,
    Congrats on crossing 100 posts! Continue the creativity and be our inspiration to do creative things.Way to go girl!

    What I love the most about nature is the beauty it provides to us with simple things.Whether its the view of a valley or a mountain or a small stream...it gives enormous happiness and peace to us.

  18. Ninu, congrats on the completion of the 100 th post.. pls count on me too for the give away...
    i love the look of nature after a rain when the leaves of trees n plants are glistening and carry crystal like raindrops at their tips!!

  19. Nature is a mixed blend of reality and truth..a gentle source that soothes our mind,enlighten our thoughts,it takes us towards ultimate truth God himself...It,s tools are our sense organs which helps us to absorb creativity in its way..that spark is upon u go ahead my girl.

  20. Congratulations Ninu on your 101th post, now it's 102 including the award's post :-D I feel so glad of knowing you. And again, thank you for passing the award to me.

    About nature, I love the smell of the plants, trees and leaves after the rain. It feels so refreshing to soul :-)


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