Monday, 13 June 2011

Happy Monday!

 Happy Monday!!Some embroidery done in between a lot of crochet especially doily making. This was an UFO which only needed half an hour of stitching to become a FO. But I always ignored it as I was not sure what to do with this once the embroidery part is complete! Today morning I got an idea to display this embroidery in the hoop itself. I rushed and completed the green part and fitted it on the hoop nicely. Its now displayed on the wall.I dint frame this,just pinned the rest of the fabric tightly behind the hoop so that if another idea strikes I can use this by removing all those pins. If anyone is interested in framing on the hoop, then check this tutorial.

This scene lifted my mood today!I invest a lot of time on balcony gardening these days! This is my second attempt to have a small garden in our balcony, first one I failed miserably and this time I am trying hard and desperately!its going OK but not with ease!Now a days what I do first thing when I wake up is checking my plants!Today morning, I saw this miniature dahlia in full bloom, it was such a joy! Simple pleasures of life!
Have a great week!
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  1. Both the embroidery and the Flower are gorgeous! I've bookmarked this tute too but have no idea when I'll get around to using it hehehe.

  2. lovely embroidery...thank you for the link...

    good luck with gardening....beautiful flower

  3. Such a pretty embroidery!
    It looks lovely in the hoop.

    Hope all goes well with your garden. I love plants and flowers, but my husband is the gardener in our house, he does it beautifully, whereas I just don't have the knack. It all dies on me. :(

    Very pretty flower, well done on your success!


  4. so lovely !!!! Colour you have choosed is excellent ....

  5. Very beautiful embroidery Ninu. Well chosen colour scheme too. BTW, what is the name of this flower ?

  6. Thanks Ladies!!
    @anitha, its a dahlia

  7. Lolvey embroidery Ninu, you are so talented!

  8. hi nini... embroidery is looking fresh as ur dahlia.... i surprise that i too failed in my first gardening in pots... but now i'm succeeded in growing plants....

  9. wow...glad i found your blog !! i havent done embroidery in ages...this is so beautiful ! you have a lot of patience :D congrats on winning the giveaway !

  10. Lovely work , Ninu. I like your idea of framing the work in the hoop itself. It's been a long time since I did any embroidery.
    Your crochet work is lovely too.Thanks for visiting me.

  11. hi ninu, love both the embroidery and the dahlia.. i luv the colour of the bloom..your lazy daisies are very pretty as well!!

  12. Hi Ninu,

    I can't take my eyes off this embroidery. Colors used are very nice. Very well done!

  13. Ninu ~ What lovely work you do in crocheting and embroidery. Love your dahlia. Flowers give so much joy.


  14. Beautiful embroidery & colour composition !


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