Wednesday, 22 June 2011

One more doily done

 So many people asked me why I am crocheting so many doilies, well,I really love making them and  most of them gone out as gifts and only a few are left with me! This one I started crocheting for me, I love this pattern and I needed a white doily. But after blocking, I just took it to my friends place and gave it away as gift. She once told me her need of white doily!. We are thick friends and I never gave any handmade gifts for her before!

The pattern is so beautiful and doily is big enough, I really love the border part! I think I will crocheting the same pattern again, don't know! and moreover I want a white doily for myself!
Pattern: Summer Splendor Doily
Thread: Anchor crochet Cotton in size 20.
Thanks a lot for the comments on my previous post on embroidered pillowcase and a warm welcome to my new followers! you people are making me a happy person!Thanks to all! :)
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  1. very intricate. Don't know anything about doilies. But i know a lot of hardwork has gone into it.

  2. very lovely. I like this pattern. Wish we were neighbors..we could compare notes..

  3. There you go again Ninu, teasing me with your dolies! It's because of your doilies that I got addicted to them. I'm planning of doing as many doilies as I can, and don't ask me what will I do with them because I don't know, I just want to make them, LOL!

    Your white summer splendor doily is beautiful, congratulations!

  4. really beautiful doily ninu.... by seeing ur doilies i too want to make one

  5. lovely as always Ninu...i also want to o this pattern again because my first attempt is aleady gone as

  6. It's really a lovely one. Tempting....

  7. Oh this is absolutely gorgeous! What a lovely friend you are to pass it on.

    It looks quite complicated, but very, very pretty.

    Lovely work!


  8. Hello Ninu,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment on my work. Always happy to see a new visitor! I've just spent 10 minutes reading your blog and admiring your crochet and embroidery - all beautiful! I had a few brief crochet lessons many years ago, but didn't keep practising, so I can't do it now, and seeing your lovely work, I wish I had kept it up! Never mind, I have enough to do!

  9. Hi Ninu,
    The doily looks so pretty.
    Wish I could do one for myself.
    Hope I will get time once I come back :-)
    Take care

  10. Love you doily... I love doing them too and always try to find some new pattern...
    Your blog is beautiful too.
    Have a nice week.

  11. It is difficult to answer those questions. For people who enjoy creating, it is like breathing. We just create things!

    I haven't learned crochet - I have tatted one doily, not sure if I will attempt another one soon. I tend to tat smaller motifs.

  12. Hi ninu.Love your blog and your works.They are so pretty for words to describe.I also have finished this same doily pattern,its called "Summer Splendor Doily" i think.I have done mine in a bright olive-toned-green can see it on my blog if you like to.


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