Monday, 20 June 2011

Embroidered PillowCase

 These were something that I planned long back,a bed sheet and pillow cases , with a contrasting trim.But never did  I work on this, though I bought material and decided on what to do/how to do etc. Most of the times,my plan remains as a plan itself, and sometime I start with my plan and ends up in a totally different thing. Last week,after touching my hands on crochet,cross stitch(nothing in a completed stage) etc I decided to make some pillow cases and I checked my cupboard for fabric, I saw this off white material and polka dotted fabric nicely folded together with the embroidery pattern and rough sewing design kept inside.See, how good I am in planning!! LOL
And I decided to give it a try.I got a video to make hidden seam pillow cases from Mini. I find this a super easy tutorial and I followed this to sew my pillows though I omitted the accent piece.And here is a close up on the  embroidery.
Just chain stitch,satin stitch and french knots,the usual stitches I do. The pattern is from here,I omitted some flowers shown in the original pattern.The bed sheet plan is still there, hope I finish it off soon!Hope you all liked my new finish.
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  1. Wow Ninu, awesome! Your pillow cases are so pretty. Love the contrasting color and the embroidery is beautiful! You did a great job my friend!

    By the way, thanks for comment in my blog. I just posted and in less than 10 minutes, I saw your comment. Thank you so much my friend!

  2. OMG...that looks gorgeous....beautiful embroidery and lovely finished pillow...i love the polka dot fabric too...

  3. wow...ninu.. excellent work... i love the color contrast. Very neat work and the embroidery... great work... brilliant color choices... eger to see the bed-sheet too

  4. Ninu dear, its looking very very pretty.congrats. luv the polka dotted red fabric and the embriodery!!yes that video is very tempting..once every piece is cut, assembling and stitching it is full of fun!:)

  5. Oh these are absolutely beautiful!you do such gorgeous work.

    If I had made something so beautiful I wouldn't allow my husband to lay on them! I would be too busy admiring them. LOL ;)

  6. Wow, pretty and neat. Beautiful embroidery.

  7. Ninu, its looking so pretty!!!
    the colour combination so nice !!

    Iam your new follower .. visit my blog .....Just say a hello!!


  8. very pretty and attractive. Beautiful set.

  9. Such a stunning and elegant set of pillowcases!!!

  10. nice colour combo and beautiful embroidery

  11. The pillowcases are neat and lovely.
    Hope u enjoy every moment seeing them and using them.

  12. Your pillowcases are beautiful! I love them - and heading to check out the video. Thanks so much for sharing!


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