Thursday, 28 July 2011

Embroidered PillowCase - 3

Now this is going to be the last one in the embroidered pillow case series! Not that I am bored of making this, but my{current}need is over! I wanted to do Blue Birds for this pillow, but another design was in my mind.This was a quick decision, I was in all mood to start and the only hard copy I had was of this pattern. I did this same design with same choice of colours 3 years before when I started doing embroidery and that's still waiting to get a proper finish!  The embroidery is done on the sleeve part which is the only difference from the previous ones.Love the final look of this pillowcase!
Pattern : Blue Birds on Branch
 If you are looking for Free vintage embroidery transfers check here. You need to have a Flickr id to view this.
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Friday, 22 July 2011

Pinwheel Doily

Hi all,
long time,so many things going here on my side, sadly my camera is not friendly with me these days and that's the reason for the delay! here showing you a Red Doily.
This is a Pinwheel Doily and after blocking its 13 inches in size.The colour is dark red in real and I love that colour,the reason why I bought this thread. Usually I buy Anchor threads but this was a different brand although the price was same, the sad part is colour bleeds while washing! I think for quality I need to stick with Anchor itself! I'm not mentioning the brand name as I don't remember it exactly! Made this doily long time back, blocked it recently only!
The pattern for Doily : Pinwheel Treat
When my camera works fine,i will come up with my next post
Happy Weekend!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Embroidered PillowCase- 2

 Another pillow case,now its in yellow,the pattern is the same as the Red one. Last week, after some sewing disasters,(yes,seriously, lost some precious fabric and time,thinking every possible way to recycle it!! )I decided to make this pillow case,I was sure that the outcome wouldn't disappoint me.No one can go wrong with this pattern! But deciding the embroidery pattern and the colours took sometime.Wanted to do some experiments, but as usual,at the last moment chose the usual colours I like! I love the outcome totally!
Close up of the embroidery part!My interest in hand embroidery is back, and I am in all mood to do some! And some more pillowcases are on the way!
Pattern for embroidery: from doe-c-doe
Take care and wishing you all a happy week!
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Friday, 1 July 2011

On the Edge

Simple edging on the pillow cases. Yes, again a polka dotted one! i love it, totally!! I have bed sheets on same fabric and these pillow cases were stitched sometime back. I wanted to give it a crochet edging after I saw this, but made an attempt yesterday only!  simple, easy and pretty! Its crocheted  in Anchor Knitting Cotton.
 Thank you all  for the encouragement , that I see some new followers here and on my Facebook page. Welcome,welcome!!Hope you all find something interesting here!

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