Monday, 11 July 2011

Embroidered PillowCase- 2

 Another pillow case,now its in yellow,the pattern is the same as the Red one. Last week, after some sewing disasters,(yes,seriously, lost some precious fabric and time,thinking every possible way to recycle it!! )I decided to make this pillow case,I was sure that the outcome wouldn't disappoint me.No one can go wrong with this pattern! But deciding the embroidery pattern and the colours took sometime.Wanted to do some experiments, but as usual,at the last moment chose the usual colours I like! I love the outcome totally!
Close up of the embroidery part!My interest in hand embroidery is back, and I am in all mood to do some! And some more pillowcases are on the way!
Pattern for embroidery: from doe-c-doe
Take care and wishing you all a happy week!
Till Next Time


  1. Nice Color combination... loved it...

  2. Ilove the yellows you have Ninu Beautiful embroidery!

  3. lovely as always ninu...what is that stitch you used on the bow...looks nice..

  4. what can I is simply great...

  5. Marvellous !! ninu!!!!

  6. This is so pretty and sunny looking. I just love your embroidered pillowcases, you seem to choose exactly the right colours and designs combinations!


  7. Oh, I love your embroidered bed linen, I think the red is my favourite


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