Thursday, 28 July 2011

Embroidered PillowCase - 3

Now this is going to be the last one in the embroidered pillow case series! Not that I am bored of making this, but my{current}need is over! I wanted to do Blue Birds for this pillow, but another design was in my mind.This was a quick decision, I was in all mood to start and the only hard copy I had was of this pattern. I did this same design with same choice of colours 3 years before when I started doing embroidery and that's still waiting to get a proper finish!  The embroidery is done on the sleeve part which is the only difference from the previous ones.Love the final look of this pillowcase!
Pattern : Blue Birds on Branch
 If you are looking for Free vintage embroidery transfers check here. You need to have a Flickr id to view this.
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  1. Another pretty set!
    These really are lovely and each time I think these are my favourites, but actually every set you've done is gorgeous.

    Beautiful work!


  2. Looking beautiful Ninu..neat embroidery..and a very gud colour combination..pleasing very pleasing...

  3. Super ninu!!!!!!! no more words to explain this ..... you are making crazy to start doing hand embroidery !!!

  4. Part of me says "oh not the last"! The other part of me wonders what you will do next. Happy Stitching!

  5. so usual..ninu..pls post the bedsheet also..

  6. Lovely!! I love the way you show it off too... :)

  7. They're so pretty Ninu! All your projects are lovely.

  8. Your embroidery is incredibly beautiful!

  9. what a darling set Ninu! the birdies are sooo cute!

  10. Thank you ladies!Thank you very much for the lovely words!


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