Friday, 22 July 2011

Pinwheel Doily

Hi all,
long time,so many things going here on my side, sadly my camera is not friendly with me these days and that's the reason for the delay! here showing you a Red Doily.
This is a Pinwheel Doily and after blocking its 13 inches in size.The colour is dark red in real and I love that colour,the reason why I bought this thread. Usually I buy Anchor threads but this was a different brand although the price was same, the sad part is colour bleeds while washing! I think for quality I need to stick with Anchor itself! I'm not mentioning the brand name as I don't remember it exactly! Made this doily long time back, blocked it recently only!
The pattern for Doily : Pinwheel Treat
When my camera works fine,i will come up with my next post
Happy Weekend!


  1. Me first. Looks beautiful in the lovely bold colour. This time when I went home even I bought some crochet threads of some brand, not Anchor. It was cheaper. I hope the color dosen't go. I don't know much about brands, same with my yarns too but so far I never had any problem with the yarns.

  2. Very pretty doily Ninu!!Since its in a single colour little bit of bleeding is fine I guess!!

  3. I always love this pattern.Looks Lovely Ninu. Hope your camera starts working properly soon.

  4. wow...lovely as always Ninu...

    good that you could find that it bleeds before you use it along with white fab or thread...
    sometimes only first wash will bleed...i had one experience like that

  5. I like the color..I have just started a red doily too..Wonderful job.

  6. oh Ninu, that is absolutely gorgeous! I love it. I wish I had your talent for these doilies, you make such a fantastic job of them.

    It's beautiful!


  7. Looks So Pretty !!!! i liked the colour too...

  8. Looks good in red color..


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