Monday, 8 August 2011 of baking!!

yes, I'm finding a lot of joy in baking! I love anything everything homemade and always loved home made cakes! Last week we bought an electric baking oven and from that day onwards I started baking cakes and journey has been excellent so far! Oven is only 9 days old and I already baked 5 cakes! My brother is also staying with us now,so finishing it all was not a problem..

The cake in the picture is the one I baked today! Baking cakes was not tough as I thought ..♥ing it!!
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  1. looks it chocolate cake..?I love to bake cakes...

  2. Wow, so much cakes in 9 days! Hmm... I love chocolate cake.

  3. yummy....hope i can see more bake's too.

  4. that cake looks yum.I love baking too.

  5. Oh YUM! That looks really scrummy Ninu, well done. I'd love to reach into the screen and have a piece, it looks wonderful!


  6. Thanks for your comments in my blog Ninu.

    I also love baking. I used to bake cookies. And your chocolate cake looks so yummy!

    Congratulations on your new passion :-)

  7. Great!! The cake looks so tasty :-) Now you can start another blog on cooking!!

  8. yummy yummy delicious cake.....loved its texture


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